The irrelevant economy

Pakistan, Sept. 16 -- Money begets money, so it is said, and the financial market is proof of the fact that skill, luck, serendipity, and piles of cash will make you ever bigger piles of cash. The mer... Read More

The Golden Shackle

Pakistan, Sept. 11 -- The Muslim world's contribution to world GDP is only about 5%, which goes down to 3% without the inclusion of oil and gas. With one quarter of the world's population, our share o... Read More

Geoeconomics - 'a Terrible Remedy'

Pakistan, Aug. 8 -- Words change and ideas evolve as the definition of power shifts, and the garb of the power broker is transformed. We partition our present into the pre and post-Cold War era- a def... Read More

Gadani's star - rising?

Pakistan, July 23 -- The sinking of the Pakistani merchant ship SS Al-Abbas on the 16th of August, 1971 by the Mukti Bahini was momentous not least because it's salvage and scrapping heralded the rise... Read More