Listen to the youth

India, June 12 -- Jack Andraka was in high school and only 15 when he won the grand prize at the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for presenting a method for detecting early stage... Read More

Imaginative policy truths

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We need disruptive action

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Modernist vanguards

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Leaders with hubris

India, April 17 -- It is significant that many knowledge organisations and institutions in this country prefer to work entirely on their own and seldom join hands across problem areas or sectors, whic... Read More

In the worst of times

India, April 3 -- When Charles Dickens wrote the following lines for his epic creation, A Tale of Two Cities, he obviously gave expression to the state of society as it existed in that period: "It was... Read More

Setback for climate action?

India, March 20 -- The inconclusive vote in the British Parliament on Brexit has brought to the surface serious issues that affect not only the members of the European Union (EU) but hold major implic... Read More