Chitwan court finds Maoist activists guilty of tearing ballot papersat local poll

CHITWAN, June 14 -- Two activists of the then CPN (Maoist Centre) have been convicted of tearing ballot papers during a local election of Bharatpur Metropolis in 2017. The Chitwan District Court on T... Read More

Dahal admits lack of preparations led to controversy over guthi and media bills

CHITWAN, June 13 -- Nepal Communist Party Co-chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the bills introduced to regulate media and guthis (trusts) will be revised. "Considerations will be made while p... Read More

Thirteen years on, victims of the Badarmude incident await compensation

CHITWAN, June 6 -- On June 6, 2005, Til Bahadur Chepang was travelling to Bharatpur with his father Sun Bahadur, younger sister Mina and her husband, Rabindra Chaudhary. Twenty-five-year-old Chepang, ... Read More

Landslide prevention works of Narayangadh-Muglin road delayed

CHITWAN, April 28 -- Officials at the Narayangadh-Muglin Road Project said that the landslide-prevention works along the highway has been delayed. A recent study carried out by a technical team showe... Read More

A philanthropist gives Rs30 million to construct spinal injury hospital in Chitwan

CHITWAN,, April 23 -- A philanthropist in Narayangadh, Chitwan, has pledged to donate Rs 30 million to set up a hospital for the treatment and rehabilitation of those suffering from spinal injuries an... Read More

A boy's quest for citizenship comes to an end after five years

CHITWAN, April 4 -- Shibu Chhetri's five-year long struggle to acquire citizenship has finally come to an end. Shibu, with his mother by his side, on Wednesday received his citizenship by descent from... Read More

Account officer out of contact after embezzling Rs 17.3m in revenue

CHITWAN, March 28 -- An account officer at the Land Reform and Land Revenue Office in Bharatpur has been out of contact for the past four months after his alleged involvement in embezzlement of revenu... Read More