War Cry of Pakistan over Kashmir

India, Aug. 14 -- Within a week of crying war over Kashmir, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is shifting his gear now. First he spoke of ".. more Pulwama like terrorist attack" in Kashmir the day In... Read More

Revocation of Article 370: Doom for Separatists

India, Aug. 6 -- Future generation of India will remember August 5, 2019 as a milestone in Indian history. Article 370 of the Indian Constitution giving special status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir ... Read More

No Tears for fall of Karnataka Government

India, July 26 -- Many tears will not be shed over fall of the Karnataka Government headed by H D Kumaraswamy. Right from the beginning, the coalition arrangement between the JD(S) and the Congress wa... Read More

Who will succeed 14th Dalai Lama: Chinese Warning

India, July 16 -- A news item emanating from Lhasa in Tibet is disturbing for the current thaw in Sino-Indian relation. China wants that it will be Beijing that will decide on the successor of Tenzin ... Read More

Strengthening Defence against Two Sinister Neighbours

India, July 12 -- One should not expect India to cut down its Defence Budget when its border meets the borders of two hostile nations. We fought a war with Pakistan in 1947, 1965, 1971 and in 1999 (Ka... Read More

Why Students from Bihar seek admission in Delhi University?

India, July 2 -- It is a strong desire for all the students from across the country to study at Delhi University. The reputation of colleges such as Hindu, St. Stephens, Miranda House, Lady Sri Ram, S... Read More

Health Sector is Sick: Needs Urgent Treatment

India, June 21 -- Last week, some attendants and relatives of a patient in Kolkata badly assaulted a doctor. The incident created an explosive situation in medical profession effective services in hos... Read More

Cracking Whip on Corrupt

India, June 18 -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi has begun his second term in the office with a bang. His Government has sent some 12 officers of the Income Tax Department on Compulsory retirement. The ... Read More

Population Control: Learn From China

India, June 11 -- All process of General Elections to 17th Lok Sabha is complete. The NDA government at the Centre has begun working once again. Although the government has to take many important deci... Read More

Ram in Me, Ram in You, Ram is Omnipresent

India, June 9 -- It is difficult to believe that in a country where Lord Ram is all pervasive- He is in me He is in You He is everywhere- Mamata Banerjee is sending those chanting Jai Sri Ram to jail.... Read More