Without a roadmap

India, May 23 -- Ignorance is like knowledge, it has no limits. The colossal movement of the blue-collar migrant workers back to their home districts has exposed our ignorance about this segment. How ... Read More

The Tablighi tangle

Jammu, May 1 -- One wonders whether the Government did or didn't possess any advance information on the Nizamuddin gathering. The event has exposed another kind of intelligence failure It was an adag... Read More

The Tablighi tangle

India, May 1 -- It was an adage about Hindi films in the 1970s and 1980s that the police always arrived in the end. There seemed to be a re-run of it in real life when Delhi Police personnel reached t... Read More

Theology over pathology?

Jammu, April 12 -- An ill-advised section of Muslims is disregarding precautionary measures against Corona, thus imperiling safety. There's history but no reason why that view should guide their choic... Read More

Theology over pathology?

India, April 11 -- Does it seem like a deja vu? In December 1849, cholera was detected in Beylik of Tunis (now Tunisia). Ahmad I ibn Mustafa (1805-55), a progressive ruler, left the capital city of Tu... Read More