US may wait for some time to see MCC compact ratified by Parliament, experts say

Kathmandu, July 1 -- The United States has reminded Nepal that funding under the Millennium Challenge Corporation's Nepal Compact is not open-ended and has urged the government and the political parti... Read More

As the world slowly reopens after lockdowns, remittance inflows begin to improve

Kathmandu, June 29 -- Despite projections of a massive downfall in remittances due to the Covid-19 pandemic, encouraging signs are emerging that the downturn might not be as bad as predicted. Nepal R... Read More

Government yet to pay Nepal Airlines Rs 20.4 million in charter costs

Kathmandu, June 29 -- Nepal Airlines Corporation has not received Rs18 million in charter costs for a flight it conducted to bring medical goods from Guangzhou, China supplied by the controversial Omn... Read More

Finance minister urges private sector to come up with plans to provide on-the-job training to unemployed youths

Kathmandu, June 29 -- Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada has urged the private sector to come up with strategies to provide on-the-job training to workers, saying that the government is already making... Read More

National Assembly committee to review CIAA bill after protest from private sector

Kathmandu, June 28 -- The bill committee of the National Assembly will review the contentious provisions of the amendment bill to Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority Act after strong pr... Read More

Ruling party agrees to hold CIAA amendment bill in order to build consensus

Kathmandu, June 25 -- A Standing Committee meeting of the ruling Nepal Communist Party on Wednesday decided to put the third amendment to the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority Act on ... Read More

Federal lawmakers retain key role in distribution of funds to fight Covid-19 pandemic at local level

Kathmandu, June 24 -- Lawmakers will retain their role in utilising the resources transferred from the Local Infrastructure Development Partnership Programme to fight the Covid-19 pandemic despite gov... Read More

Shortage of excise stickers likely to deepen after Indonesian company fails to sign contract

Kathmandu, June 21 -- Officials at the Inland Revenue Department, which has been reeling under a shortage of excise stickers that go on alcohol and tobacco products sold in Nepal, heaved a sigh of rel... Read More

Officials seek support from non-profits to manage dispatch and quarantine centres

Kathmandu, June 20 -- The Social Welfare Council has urged national and foreign non-governmental organisations to come up with the plan to invest their financial resources in the management of dispatc... Read More

Unable to collect taxes, the government is going broke

Kathmandu, June 18 -- The national treasury is fast emptying and with few means of raising taxes and supplementing income, the government could soon be unable to pay employee salaries, social security... Read More