Sacked Karnali province minister, who faces banking offence charge, fails to appear before court

Kathmandu, Aug. 19 -- Khadka Bahadur Katri, sacked minister of physical infrastructure development of Karnali Province, failed to appear before the Patan High Court on Sunday, the deadline set by the ... Read More

Almost all Kathmandu Valley road expansion contracts likely to face termination in less than a year

Kathmandu, Aug. 18 -- Almost all road expansion projects in Kathmandu Valley may hit a roadblock if contractors whose deadlines are already over fail to complete works within June 4 next year. The ei... Read More

bidding remains suspended for two weeks due to software upgradation works

Kathmandu, Aug. 17 -- Bidders for government contracts related to construction and supply have been forced to abandon bidding for two weeks and the problem is likely to persist. The Public Procuremen... Read More

Province 5 creates is own Provincial Public Service Commission

Kathmandu, Aug. 14 -- Amid ongoing controversy over Public Service Commission's hiring of staff for the local level, the Province 5 government has taken a major step towards recruiting staff on its ow... Read More

Supreme Court's order on Sumargi case remains unimplemented for seven months

Kathmandu, Aug. 13 -- Authorities are yet to implement a seven-month-old Supreme Court order to retrieve the money that controversial businessman Ajeya Raj Sumargi had withdrawn from Nepal Investment ... Read More

Eight government employees face court cases for abetting traders to evade revenue last fiscal

Kathmandu, Aug. 12 -- The Department of Revenue Investigation has filed a case against eight government employees for abetting traders to evade revenue in the fiscal year 2018-19. On February 23, las... Read More

Two separate institutions to handle pensions of government employees

Kathmandu, Aug. 12 -- Two separate institutions will handle the pensions of government employees- civil servants, teachers, army and police-after the Cabinet on August 1 decided to appoint Employees P... Read More

How Road Department officials traced their building's ownership history

Kathmandu, Aug. 11 -- When 2015's deadly earthquakes wrecked the administrative building of the Department of Roads, the authorities were in a dilemma. The building was declared unsafe to work in, whi... Read More

Top bureaucrats are thwarting investigation into transport entrepreneurs, officials say

Kathmandu, Aug. 10 -- Around half a dozen people associated with transport committees engaged in syndicates are under investigation by the Department of Money Laundering Investigation for the past yea... Read More

How the government bowed down to contractors

Kathmandu, Aug. 8 -- The government conceded to almost all key demands of public builders by amending the Public Procurement Regulation three times in the last two and a half months. When the governm... Read More