Indian football reeling from indefinite FIFA suspension

France, Aug. 18 -- World soccer's governing body FIFA has suspended Indian teams and said it would only lift the ban if the national football federation ran its own affairs instead of depending on a p... Read More

Mask mandate returns to India's capital after Covid surge

France, Aug. 16 -- People in New Delhi have beenobliged to wear masks once again after Covid-19 infections rebounded in the bustling capital where last year's deadly Delta surge killed thousands and o... Read More

India's ambitious satellite mission hits hurdle as rocket loses way in space

France, Aug. 13 -- An Indian rocket that went awry on its maiden flight has casta cloud overthe country's plans to place smaller satellites into orbit and gain a foothold in the multi-billion-euro glo... Read More

Holy sites in Nepal ban 'nuisance' TikTok creators from filming videos

France, Aug. 13 -- Sacred sites in Nepal have started banning the filming ofTikTok videos, arguing that internet celebrities areupsetting visitors to the holy spots that rake in millions of euros for ... Read More

US drops sanctions against India over Russian missile imports

France, July 23 -- US lawmakers have voted against sanctioning India for importing Russian S-400 missiles. Washington'sshow of support will allowthe South Asian nation to pursue its quest for Western ... Read More

India to gallop past China as world's most populated country by 2023

France, July 17 -- The United Nations estimates India will overtake China as the world's most crowded place in 2023. Their combined headcount will account for nearly 3 billion of the 8billion people o... Read More

Sri Lanka leader flees amid protests over food, fuel shortages

France, July 9 -- Sri Lanka's President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled his official residence in Colombo Saturday, according todefence sources, asprotesters stormed his compound to demandhis resignation.Earl... Read More

India ratings system to make cars safer and rev up flagging exports

France, July 2 -- Indian transport chiefs will launch safety ratings for passenger cars in a bid to persuade local manufacturers to install modern technologiesthey hopewill boost exports as well as sl... Read More

Indian supermarket chains to set up shop in sanctions-hit Russia

France, July 1 -- Indian retail firms arein talks thatcould see themmove into the Russian market through local franchises. The announcement came as Nike joined a growing list of Western companies exit... Read More

Nepal deploys security forces during challenge to law and odour

France, June 26 -- Nepalese authorities recently called out security forces to help clear the garbage from Kathmandu after protesters blocked access to landfills accusing authorities of ignoring healt... Read More