Indian military headache as helmets threaten sacred Sikh turbans

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Outrage over peeing passengers leaves a stain on Air India's reputation

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India begins countdown to blast astronauts into space in 2024

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India to require negative Covid tests from Asian visitors

France, Dec. 30 -- Healthcare professionals across India have been takingpart inanti-Covid drills, andtravel rules for several Asian countries including China have been toughened in the wake of Beijin... Read More

Mumbai overtakes Delhi as city with the filthiest air in India

France, Dec. 18 -- Pollution in India's second city Mumbai was worse this week than even the notoriously smoggy capital, Delhi, as experts warned that hazardous air pollution was likely to affect more... Read More

WK: Indian film festival judge slams controversial movie on Kashmir as 'propaganda'

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Disgraced Indian-American dealer convicted for looting Asian art treasures

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Global warming forces Kashmir farmers to grow saffron indoors

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