A pat for CBI from City of London police force

London, Oct. 4 -- The City of London Police has welcomed raids conducted by the CBI in six cities from where 10 companies were defrauding UK nationals on the pretext of offering to fix technical issue... Read More

A pat for India's CBI from City of London Police for drive against cyber fraud

India, Oct. 3 -- The City of London Police - the force that leads action on cyber fraud - on Saturday welcomed raids conducted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in six cities from where 10 ... Read More

'Dramatic' fall in London's air pollution since 2016: Report

London, Oct. 3 -- The introduction of ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) in central London earlier this year and other measures have led to "dramatic improvements" in London's air quality since 2016, acco... Read More

Indian-origin billionaire brothers from uk buy retail giant Asda

London, Oct. 3 -- Zuber Issa and Mohsin Issa, sons of an immigrant from Gujarat who arrived to work in the textile industry, on Friday announced the acquisition of retail giant Asda (valued at £6... Read More

Covid-19 infected UK MP attended House; told to resign

London, Oct. 2 -- An MP of the Scottish National Party who tested positive for coronavirus, attended the House of Commons on Wednesday and later travelled on public transport from London to Edinburgh ... Read More

Some parallels in Covid scripts of Boris Johnson, Donald Trump

India, Oct. 2 -- Initially denying and playing down the virus, followed by contraction and fever, and eventual self-isolation. There are some parallels in the Covid-19 scripts of US President Donald ... Read More

2 British PMs benefited from slavery, admits Westminster

India, Oct. 1 -- Two British prime ministers - Robert Peel and William Gladstone - are among top politicians who directly benefited from slave trade and indentured labour in India, America, West Indie... Read More

Critical moment, says PM Johnson, as new Covid-19 cases surge

India, Oct. 1 -- After months of low numbers of new cases and deaths, a new real-time study showed higher prevalence of the coronavirus across the UK, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson describing the ... Read More

UK starts trial of train using hydrogen as fuel

London, Oct. 1 -- Britain on Wednesday began trial of the country's first hydrogen-powered train that does not emit harmful gases and uses hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, water and heat. ... Read More

Punjab-born MP in UK for action on Covid impact

LONDON, Oct. 1 -- The large Indian community in the London suburb of Southall is the hardest hit in terms of job losses due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to serious social issues such as ... Read More