Varsha Thapa: You have to let people know where you stand in your own eyes

Kathmandu, Jan. 12 -- Varsha Thapa sits in the courtyard of the Maya Manor Boutique Hotel in Hattisar, her legs crossed. I am late and she has been waiting. When she gets up to say hello, she towers o... Read More

Nishchal Nath Pandey: We agree in private but we disagree in public

Kathmandu, Jan. 5 -- Recent years have seen a sea change in Nepal's foreign policy. The KP Sharma Oli administration, in the wake of the disastrous Indian blockade of 2015, has attempted to break with... Read More

Sameer Maskey: With right talent, Artificial Intelligence can help transform Nepal

Kathmandu, Dec. 8 -- There's an existential crisis that is currently afflicting prominent computer scientists across the world. It's something that Isaac Asimov fretted about in I, Robot and it is wha... Read More

Prabal Gurung: Nepal needs women and minorities at the decision-making table

Kathmandu, Dec. 1 -- It is 10.30am when Prabal Gurung arrives at the Hotel Padma in Boudha. We are overlooking the grand stupa where the faithful, tourists and idlers all circumambulate, following the... Read More

Sangeeta Thapa: The government has never understood the value of the arts

Nepal, Nov. 23 -- Baber Mahal Revisited is a forbidding place, so upmarket that you'd have to pat your pockets to make sure you have enough cash. The white stucco building complex, which was once the ... Read More

Rabindra Mishra: Political parties are just creating fertile ground for us

Kathmandu, Nov. 17 -- You can say a lot of things about Rabindra Mishra but you can't say that he's not optimistic. Doom-and-gloom is reserved for the traditional political parties, but when it comes ... Read More

Manjushree Thapa: The content of democracy is social, psychological, emotional

Kathmandu, Nov. 10 -- Growing up as a young boy who wanted to write fiction in English, there were two 'senior' writers that we were supposed to read: Samrat Upadhyay and Manjushree Thapa. I read Upad... Read More