Back to Gandhi

India, May 24 -- The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things in the world most of which are going to stay. At least for a considerable period. Not only did it ensure that the wheels of globalisat... Read More

Parables on Coronavirus

India, May 10 -- For something as apocalyptic as the present times, the typical American slang is SHTF, that is, when the Shit Hits the Fan. A rather crude expression for a catastrophe. Nevertheless, ... Read More

The lockdown syndrome

India, April 26 -- For the first time in their life people are experiencing this kind of a situation. We learnt that movement is life. We now realise that staying put is life. And this is for the whol... Read More

Ancient practices that made sense

India, April 12 -- The threat from the tiniest of the creations of nature shows where homo sapiens stand in the scheme of things of the mighty universe. Pushed to the wall inside the homes, the haught... Read More

Lessons to learn

India, March 29 -- These are difficult times. More importantly, these are times to learn some most basic lessons which humanity forgot in its ambitious march to conquer everything. As the threat of Co... Read More

When virus went viral

India, March 15 -- Covid-19 is the new obsession in many parts of the world today, as the fear of getting infected by the coronavirus threatens humanity for one more time. This is how humanity respond... Read More