Constraint and opportunity

Nepal, July 30 -- Covid-19 has brought devastation to the world in so many ways. It has confined people to their homes, villages, countries and spaces, taking away the mobility humans were used to. Fa... Read More

Post-Floyd introspection

Nepal, July 16 -- Today I'm going to talk about the response to George Floyd protests that spread over more than 700 American cities and how the institutional world has responded to the protests-and w... Read More

Patriarchy and citizenship

Nepal, July 2 -- Many states in the United States, including Illinois (where I reside), have opened for business after about three months of stay-at-home orders. But these states, many among them loca... Read More

Caste, race and discrimination

Nepal, June 4 -- In 1946, BR Ambedkar, educationally the most accomplished Indian of his time (he received his education at Columbia and the London School of Economics), wrote to WEB Du Bois, the Harv... Read More

Training in cultural competency

Nepal, May 21 -- The academic year has come to an end once again with final grades turned in, overgrown weeds in my garden cleared, horse manure hauled and spread and tilled into the soil, and tomato ... Read More

The treason of KP Oli and civil society leaders

Nepal, May 7 -- Fishing in troubled waters is a cliche that applied to the fast-track process of making Nepal's constitution-a result of the 16-point agreement between the Maoists, the UML and Congres... Read More