Where have all the chautaris gone?

Bharatpur, Sept. 12 -- Chatauris-resting spots that usually have a tree or two-are integral to Nepal's culture. They make for the perfect spot for people to rest and chat, while also serve religious i... Read More

Beekeeping programme in Chitwan announces survey on availability of bee pasturages

Bharatpur, Aug. 19 -- With the increasing dearth of pasturage for bees in Chitwan, the Beekeeping Development Programme in the district plans to conduct a survey of pasturages, in what will be the fir... Read More

Officials prioritise expanding grasslands in Chitwan park to balance rhino population

Bharatpur, Aug. 16 -- One-horned rhinos, among other wildlife in Chitwan National Park, previously found roaming in the eastern part of the park have been increasingly migrating to the western part of... Read More

Challenges to protect endangered Gharials in Chitwan

Bharatpur, July 31 -- Gharial population is under threat due to overfishing in various rivers and streams in Chitwan, conservationists say. Bed Bahadur Khadka, assistant conservation officer at Chitw... Read More