Chinese firm loses substation contract after being no-show

Kathmandu, Jan. 15 -- Chinese firm Shenzhen Farad Electric Company lost a $16 million contract it held to build two substations at Matatirtha, Kathmandu and Markichok, Tanahu for being a no-show. The... Read More

Tanahu hydro bogged down in the bidding process

Kathmandu, Jan. 11 -- Tanahu Hydropower Limited, the developer of a 140-megawatt scheme in Damauli, is gearing up to invite the second bid in a year for the construction of a major component, includin... Read More

Experts stress the need to fill infrastructure investment gap

Kathmandu, Jan. 10 -- Nepal has set its sights on becoming a middle-income country and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. However, multiple reports have pointed out that the current ... Read More