Nagaland's new Governor

Manipur, July 24 -- Nagaland will soon have a new Governor and he is none other than the current interlocutor of the Naga peace talks, R.N. Ravi. A retired Indian Police Service officer with a long st... Read More

Work as worship

Manipur, July 23 -- The resignation by the Vice Chancellor of India's path breaking, new age, Ashoka University, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, recently comes as a surprise. But what is even more curious from th... Read More

History's pitfalls

Manipur, July 22 -- If history was merely about records, probably there would not have been such a fuss about it. But the fact is, it is not, and rightly so too, for records, indispensable though they... Read More

Corruption untamed

Manipur, July 19 -- If there is one scourge that has not left the Manipur government, not necessarily the present dispensation alone but many more over the decades, it is the stigma of official corrup... Read More

Colleges in doldrums

Manipur, July 18 -- We have written on this subject so many times before, but we feel it still remains important to continue to remind the government of the day that they must take serious note of the... Read More

A little deconstruction

Manipur, July 17 -- There was a great deal of truth in the often-heard charge that paralysing Imphal for months by the myriad strikers and habitual bandh callers is no less serious or atrocious than e... Read More

Imagined homelands

Manipur, July 16 -- More than ever before, it should be clear to every peacemaker watching the developments in Manipur that no solution to the complex problem facing the state can be solved in isolati... Read More

Turncoat MLAs' fate

Manipur, July 15 -- It is not at all unusual anywhere for politicians to change their party affiliations. In fact there are those who believe this is in keeping with the exercise of an individual's fu... Read More

Encouraging competition

Manipur, July 12 -- The government has been talking of revitalising government school and college education in the state for quite some time now and if this intent goes beyond rhetoric, we will be amo... Read More

Transparency necessary

Manipur, July 11 -- Mere profession of goodwill by the state administration cannot be all that is needed to defend against the wide perception and frequent vicious allegations that it has been unscrup... Read More