History as a process

Manipur, Sept. 13 -- If history is a process, there is no gainsaying that it can change its course, which is also why the present is important. A neglect of the constituents which have shaped history ... Read More

Introspection vital

Manipur, Sept. 12 -- When you point your index finger at somebody, there are three other fingers, other than the thumb, pointing back at you. There is something about this rather curious metaphor that... Read More

Streamlining Imphal traffic

Manipur, Sept. 11 -- Practically every sane driver on the Imphal road would have welcomed the new traffic laws just announced that would put stiff penalties on traffic several extremely irritating and... Read More

Chaos internalised

Manipur, Sept. 10 -- Can chaos be described any other way than what we are witnessing in Manipur currently? Everybody is a law unto himself, beginning from those who commit daylight murders to those w... Read More

Entrepreneurship fate

Manipur, Sept. 9 -- One of the most enduring quips, some say first made by maverick American businessman of the 1970s and 1980s, Lee Iacocca, ex-president of the country's once third largest automobil... Read More