Exiting Trump nixes Intel license to supply Huawei

India, Jan. 18 -- One last swipe, from a president departing for Mar-a-Lago. The Trump administration, which ends at midday on Wednesday, has used some of its last hours to tell Intel and other Huawe... Read More

A Trump who can't tweet blacklists Xiaomi

India, Jan. 15 -- A president who cannot tweet is instead spending his time banning Chinese tech companies. Donald Trump, who leaves office on January 18, has blacklisted Beijing-based smartphone mak... Read More

Intel outside: CEO sacked as Gelsinger takes over

India, Jan. 14 -- Intel has bowed to investor pressure and instigated a change of leadership, replacing Bob Swan with current VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger. "Today's announcement is unrelated to Intel's 2... Read More

For Zoom, $1.5B second IPO looms

India, Jan. 13 -- Zoom announced a new $1.5 billion secondary share sale, taking advantage of a share price now ten times its value in the platform's 2019 IPO. Zoom's share prices have dropped, thoug... Read More

Parler, kicked offline, sues Amazon Web Services

NEW YORK, Jan. 12 -- Parler, the "free speech" social network favored by Trump supporters, is now suing Amazon after the tech giant said the platform can no longer use Amazon Web Services. The decisi... Read More

Starlink launches satellite Internet in rural UK

India, Jan. 11 -- Watch out, Virgin. Dishy McFlatFace comes to Britain. Elon Musk's Starlink broadband satellite network has received a license to install user terminals in Britain, the UK's telecom ... Read More

Trump may add Tencent to Chinese telco delisting

India, Jan. 8 -- You might've thought, with 12 days till another president, economic relations between Beijing and Washington would be full of smiling optimism. They aren't. A president who can't eve... Read More

NYSE once again delists Chinese telecom titans

TOKYO, Jan. 7 -- Now they are, now they aren't. In the haven of regulatory stability that is the Trump administration's waning days, the New York Stock Exchange is now again delisting three major Chi... Read More

Trump bans transactions with Alipay and WeChat Pay

India, Jan. 6 -- In an attempt to stamp his wishes on his successor's administration, US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order banning transactions with Alipay and WeChat Pay, alongside... Read More

NYSE now won't delist Chinese telecoms giants

DUBLIN, Jan. 5 -- In a screeching U-turn, the New York Stock Exchange has reversed a decision last week to delist three Chinese telecoms giants. The exchange said it had taken the shift "in light of ... Read More