Revenue Investigation Department to send largest hundi case for money laundering probe

Kathmandu, March 17 -- The Department of Revenue Investigation has decided to send a case related to foreign exchange misappropriation of Rs4.16 billion through Hundi, an illegal money transfer system... Read More

Watchdog working to improve coordination with other agencies to increase anti-money laundering compliance

Kathmandu, March 16 -- The Department of Money Laundering Investigation has launched joint or parallel investigations with police on money laundering cases as part of effort to improve coordination am... Read More

E-procurement system on cards to keep tabs on contractors

Kathmandu, March 15 -- Contractors will soon have to regularly share updates on the contracts they have in hand as part of the government's bid to discourage those who are already overwhelmed with wor... Read More

Anti-graft agency to mobilise teams to catch corrupt government staff

Kathmandu, March 14 -- The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority is preparing to mobilise several teams under its Rapid Operation Task Force to curb and monitor irregularities in governme... Read More

Public entities are recommending errant contractors for blacklisting more than ever

Kathmandu, March 12 -- The Public Procurement Monitoring Office has blacklisted 13 errant firms-contractors and suppliers-for occupying a large number of projects without completing them on time since... Read More

Land offices should provide compensation for service delay-no one's claiming it

Kathmandu, March 11 -- It has been nearly six years since the Department of Land Management and Archive implemented the Citizen Charter with Compensation, a system under which the concerned public ent... Read More

Consultant hiring process scrapped for Dharahara reconstruction

Kathmandu, March 11 -- The National Reconstruction Authority has scrapped the procurement process of a consultant to supervise the reconstruction works of Dharahara after a company that emerged first ... Read More

Recruitment and retirement age of provincial, local staff proposed to be same as federal staff

Kathmandu, March 10 -- As the federal government prepares a law regarding standards for the Provincial Civil Service Act and Local Service Act, it is also setting the criteria for the recruitment and ... Read More

Case filed against firms issuing fake VAT bills

Kathmandu, March 6 -- The Department of Revenue Investigation has filed a case at the Kathmandu District Court against 24 individuals on the charge of evading taxes amounting to Rs1.75 billion by prod... Read More

Two persons charged with misappropriation of Rs 36 million through Hundi

Kathmandu, March 4 -- The Department of Revenue Investigation on Sunday filed a case at the Kathmandu District Court against two persons on the charge of misappropriating foreign exchange worth Rs 36.... Read More