Experiencing 'Flow'

NEW DELHI, Jan. 30 -- I was reading the lovely book of Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali when a friend came in with a movie about Man's Flight in the Sky. He began playing it and expected me to join him... Read More

IKIGAI: Happiness of Being Busy

NEW DELHI, Jan. 23 -- Every country, every people have their own learned insights, lived customs, traditional ways of beliefs, expressions etc. What is very relevant in America may not have any meanin... Read More

Kaizen: A Praxis-oriented Life

NEW DELHI, Jan. 16 -- Kaizen is a Japanese ideology and methodology of action and living. It is a practical philosophy and spirituality discovered, experienced and being lived by the Japanese people. ... Read More

A Change for Good

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- Every Japanese is aware of the practice of Kaizen. Even if some may not know the meaning of the word Kaizen, they are living it. Kai + zen means change+good, change for good, bett... Read More

Giving Life to Many from Death Bed

NEW DELHI, Dec. 12 -- 14-year-old Jyotiraditya Khanna was reading in Class IX. His ambition was to serve in the Army. He wanted to donate his organs to needy people. Being under age, he was waiting to... Read More

25 Steps to Reach the Crib of Jesus

NEW DELHI, Dec. 5 -- 1. Jesus was born in a cow shed. Joyful simplicity 2. Mary and Joseph were lost in contemplation, speaking no words. Adoring 3. He had no enjoyable childhood days and playmates.... Read More

A Happy Way to Live

NEW DELHI, Nov. 28 -- There is a Japanese word UKETAMO, meaning "I accept with an open heart." In our life we come across a number of issues. Some of these are positive, some negative, some moments ar... Read More

Powers Unlimited

NEW DELHI, Nov. 21 -- In the Chandogya Upanisad, we have the following lines: "As vast as the space outside is the space at the center of the heart; within it are all the worlds, heaven and earth, fir... Read More