Footprints of uncertainty

Nepal, April 22 -- Nepali governments have a habit of engaging in negotiations only when a conflagration breaks out. Biplav proved to be a tougher nut to crack than Oli-Dahal had imagined "We will gi... Read More

Officials off the track

Nepal, April 12 -- Skill, stamina and discipline as showcased by the cream of Nepali sports is set to be the highlight of the 8th National Games formally commencing from April 18. Several competitions... Read More

The Chinese are coming

Nepal, April 8 -- Recovering Nepal from Chinese embrace has preoccupied Delhi but balanced ties with China and India are Nepal's political compulsion and sovereign necessity. Unsettling it will invite... Read More

Indian elections and Nepal

Nepal, March 25 -- No matter which party rules from New Delhi, India's basic foreign policy is generally consulted and coordinated with the main opposition Just about the time India's Prime Minister ... Read More

Fractured Nepali Congress

Nepal, March 11 -- Nepali Congress can salvage its reputation by being true to its traditionally held principles that came in good stead for so many decades. It should abandon expediency of opportunis... Read More

Selective memory

Nepal, Feb. 25 -- Nepal's mainstream party leaders squirm in their seats of power and privilege when faced with a series of foreign policy successes recorded in previous decades Hesitation and dubiou... Read More

Assessing media attack

Nepal, Jan. 28 -- When public figures indulge in media attacks, the prospects and conditions for the media grow dimmer and dangerous by the day Never have the Nepali news media come under such heavy ... Read More