Of ready-to-eat noodles and ready-to-air stories

Uganda, Dec. 2 -- Two things stirred my last week. First was a very enriching conversation I had early in the week with a graduate student on the subject of his thesis - subsidised news or information... Read More

Mpoma satellite station is Idi Amin, not Obote

Uganda, Nov. 25 -- My previous column, "Uganda's satellite 'launch' leaves questions on ground" (Daily Monitor, November 11) contained an inaccuracy that warrants correction. I was alerted to this by ... Read More

Nadduli's pained face and 'medals' of 5 little coffins

Uganda, Oct. 28 -- Social media this week has been awash with a photograph of veteran NRM politician, bush war fighter and former minister without portfolio, Hajj Abdul Nadduli, taken at the funeral o... Read More

Misuse of computer vs misuse of the Computer Misuse Act?

Uganda, Oct. 21 -- A lot of ink, airtime and all has been poured on this subject since the recent passing of the Computer Misuse (Amendment) Act 2022. The matter is now before the courts where lawyers... Read More

Media business needs vote from your pocket or govt

Uganda, Oct. 14 -- It is not a secret that the business of journalism everywhere in the world, like many other businesses, is facing unprecedented existential challenges occasioned by advances in tech... Read More

Should Kenyans, Ugandans have feared war on Twitter?

Uganda, Oct. 7 -- This week, Twitter has had an "earthquake" of sorts, at least in the East African countries of Kenya and Uganda. Not only was a "war" declared on Kenya with a "threat" to reach Nair... Read More

If picture is worth a thousand words, which one should it be?

Uganda, Sept. 30 -- In the last fortnight, I received complaints relating to the use of photographs and a headline in the Daily Monitor. First, it was the Ministry of Health that protested the public... Read More

Watchdog or community dog? Journalism now at a crossroads

Uganda, Sept. 23 -- Yesterday, the African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) held a stakeholders' workshop to reflect on media support and development in Uganda. One of the areas of reflection was jo... Read More

Does it matter whether man or woman writes/edits story?

Uganda, Sept. 9 -- The issue of "gendered content" has been a subject of discussion in media and academic circles for years... Our regular reader Atujune Dragan has in the last one month raised two c... Read More