Rejuvenating stock market: Long-term measures

Bangladesh, Jan. 22 -- Stock market should be freed from day-traders who always consider this market as a place which makes one rich overnight. This wrong concept should be removed from the retail inv... Read More

Rejuvenating stock market: PM's six-point directive

Bangladesh, Jan. 21 -- In the backdrop of continuous fall in the country's stock market, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina held a meeting with the chairman of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commiss... Read More

Funding home loan by selling bonds

Bangladesh, Jan. 11 -- Bangladesh Bank last year raised maximum cap on home loan from TK 12 million to TK 20 million. In response to a proposal submitted by the Association of Bankers, the central ban... Read More

Addressing NPL: Introducing loan pricing

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Determining interest rate and digitalisation of credit risk management

Bangladesh, Dec. 23 -- Bangladesh Bank has constituted a high-powered seven-member committee, headed by its Deputy Governor to prepare a report on probable strategies and action plan to bring country'... Read More

Curbing NPL through modernisation of loan operation

Bangladesh, Dec. 7 -- The recently published Bangladesh Bank's (BB) quarterly report reveals that country's NPL (Non-Performing Loan) has increased by TK 39 billion or 3.0 per cent over the previous q... Read More

Stock market: Digitalising IPO process

Bangladesh, Nov. 13 -- One of the common barriers in bringing more initial public offerings (IPOs) in the market is the inordinate delay in processing new issues. It is learnt that on an average about... Read More

Stock market: Allaying fear of potential entrepreneurs

Bangladesh, Nov. 12 -- In capitalistic economy stock market is considered the mirror of economic condition of a country as economic boom and recession are reflected through bull and bear condition of ... Read More