Stemming violence against children

Bangladesh, Jan. 17 -- The brutal torture an eighth grade student from Sunderganj, Gaibandha was subjected to brings, once again, to the fore that Bangladesh society is increasingly becoming inimical ... Read More

Making protest against sexual violence count

Bangladesh, Jan. 11 -- Protests were massive and loud on Dhaka university campus. Yet it must be admitted that the national revulsion and outrage at sexual violence perpetrated on a DU student fell fa... Read More

Economic growth and poverty reduction

Bangladesh, Jan. 10 -- At a time when the economic growth the world over has been forecast by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in October at 3.0 per cent -the lowest since 2008-9, Bangladesh has ... Read More

New Year wishes for the distressed humanity

Bangladesh, Jan. 4 -- Almost all people have their special fond wishes for the New Year. Even a child treasures in his/her small bosom a dream to be realised -one that eluded him or her before-in the ... Read More

Not all is well on children's education front

Bangladesh, Jan. 3 -- With pictures of little angelic faces -- mostly of girls and all smiles -- splashing the front pages of newspapers on the first day of the year 2020, the nation could not think o... Read More

Fun to some but death to others

Bangladesh, Dec. 28 -- Even after a few deaths from stone thrown at running trains, the peril shows no sign of coming to an end. It is hard to believe that any adult person in his (her too!) right sen... Read More

Where the nation has faltered ...

Bangladesh, Dec. 27 -- Whatever may be the equation between time and space, one thing is certain that the former is relative and the shape and size of the latter are debatable. For finite mortals comp... Read More

Securing street children's rights

Bangladesh, Dec. 21 -- The High Court has ordered the ministry of women and children affairs, the ministry of social welfare and others concerned to submit within 40 days what measures they have taken... Read More

Decline in poverty is not all

Bangladesh, Dec. 20 -- On the face of it, the 1.3 percentage point drop of poverty from 21.8 per cent in the financial year (FY) 2017-18 to 20.5 per cent in 2018-19 may be considered an icing on the c... Read More


Bangladesh, Dec. 14 -- An artwork is so because the sense of aesthetics that goes into its making transcends beyond the creation to take its viewers into its sway. Well, the spell may not work on the ... Read More