Let children celebrate Pahela Baishakh in their own way

Bangladesh, April 13 -- The craze for panta-elish (soaked rice and fried Hilsha) among the urbanites has subsided to some extent but not vanished altogether. There are still people who think without H... Read More

Ensuring healthy growth of young generation

Bangladesh, April 12 -- That a large portion of the 35 million adolescent population of the country is suffering from malnutrition should have caused policymakers sleepless nights. Girls aged 15-19 ar... Read More

Saving Ramna Park from alien aggression

Bangladesh, April 6 -- Britain's Royal Botanical Garden, Kew-famed Robert Louis Proudlock would not have been amused had he known the botanical anarchy in Ramna Park he designed. A landscape designer,... Read More

Save rivers to save the capital city

Bangladesh, April 5 -- The eviction drive carried tenaciously to recover the rivers around the capital city has largely paid good dividends. Without a strong political will, this would have been impos... Read More

Competition to thrive on dishonest business

Bangladesh, March 30 -- The imported tag on the tub-like plastic container of a kilogram of honey declares that its maximum price is Tk 650. Imported from China, the Husein company's honey is imported... Read More

Many a slip between the cup and the lip

Bangladesh, March 29 -- The bus that ran over Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury on zebra crossing, claims Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) chief Asaduzzaman Mia, had no route permit to operate it in the city. Its ... Read More

Why does road anarchy not cease to exist?

Bangladesh, March 23 -- Dhaka City witnessed yet again waves of student protests. This time, it is not school students who spearheaded the agitation but their elders mostly studying in universities. T... Read More

Primary education in a shambles

Bangladesh, March 22 -- Starting on March 13 last the Primary Education Week 2019 concluded on March 19. Such observance follows a ritualistic pattern but this time something more was expected. The ex... Read More

Of pistols - toy or otherwise

Bangladesh, March 16 -- This past fortnight or so was full of pistol -- mind it was not revolver -- news. In a country where encounters between law enforcement agencies on the one side and anti-social... Read More

One family, one job: Not a pipe dream!

Bangladesh, March 15 -- When Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal expresses his hope for creation of at least a job for each family, the majority of the people are not likely to take it seriously. In a ... Read More