Primary education in a shambles

Bangladesh, March 22 -- Starting on March 13 last the Primary Education Week 2019 concluded on March 19. Such observance follows a ritualistic pattern but this time something more was expected. The ex... Read More

Of pistols - toy or otherwise

Bangladesh, March 16 -- This past fortnight or so was full of pistol -- mind it was not revolver -- news. In a country where encounters between law enforcement agencies on the one side and anti-social... Read More

One family, one job: Not a pipe dream!

Bangladesh, March 15 -- When Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal expresses his hope for creation of at least a job for each family, the majority of the people are not likely to take it seriously. In a ... Read More

Physicians of a different breed

Bangladesh, March 9 -- They are physicians extraordinary. In a country where there are complaints galore against physicians for not attending duty or remaining away from duty stations only to falsely ... Read More

Gap between schooling and learning

Bangladesh, March 8 -- In its World Development Report (WDR) 2018, the World Bank has extensively focused on education in the section subtitled, "Learning to Realise Education's Promise". How countrie... Read More

Too many brands of water but few are safe

Bangladesh, March 2 -- It is not long ago that the Dhakites realised the danger of drinking water supplied by the Water and Sewerage authority (WASA) directly. On realisation of this, the majority sta... Read More

Are people destined to perish so tragically?

Bangladesh, March 1 -- "Dola is my world. Can the price be so low for a world?" This is how father of Rehnuma Tabassum Dola who along with her friend Fatema-Tuz-Johra Brishti has been missing since th... Read More

Springtime without the spring

Bangladesh, Feb. 23 -- This year the winter was perhaps warmer and more short-lived than before. In the country's north the wintry spell was severer and more prolonged. However, in the capital it was ... Read More

Midas touch with a difference

Bangladesh, Feb. 16 -- Forty years are a long time for an organisation, particularly when it propagates habits, spirits and values contrary to the popular trend. On this score, Bishwo Shahitto Kendro ... Read More

Month of colours, flowers and festival

Bangladesh, Feb. 15 -- What a time it is! The first day of Falgun is celebrated as Basontotsab (celebration of the Spring). Then the following day it is the Valentine's Day. For once the East meets, i... Read More