Quality of teachers matters

Bangladesh, Oct. 18 -- A report recently released by the Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE) on the standard of teaching at the secondary level paints a grim picture. Titled 'The Education Watch Re... Read More


Bangladesh, Oct. 12 -- The Bangalee Hindus' greatest annual festival Durga Puja spanning over long five days came to an end on Tuesday last. It surely is a religious festival as puja (worship) is offe... Read More

Faltering highest seats of learning

Bangladesh, Oct. 11 -- The universities -one after another -are making news for all the wrong reasons. When teachers and scholars of some of the world's prestigious centres of tertiary education are b... Read More

At our journey's end: Adieu Kanyakumari

Bangladesh, Oct. 5 -- The day is bright and a sense of nomadic urge lingers on. However, we realise that this is our last day at Kanyakumari and from here we will only be heading for home. But so long... Read More

Costly indifference to climate threat

Bangladesh, Oct. 4 -- Greta Thunberg, a 16-year old Swedish climate activist, could not expose the charlatanism of seasoned or fluke leaders more emphatically at the special United Nations climate sum... Read More

From sea beach to temple and back to beach

Bangladesh, Sept. 28 -- It was not for nothing that the Keralites call their land the God's own country. Richly endowed with backwaters like those of Poovar, Kochi and beaches like the Golden Sand Bea... Read More

Living up to rivers' living entity

Bangladesh, Sept. 27 -- The observance of the World Rivers Day, as customary on the 4th Sunday of September, last Sunday could not get over the ritualistic and archetypal. Banners, festoons, street ma... Read More

In love with enchanting Kerala

Bangladesh, Sept. 21 -- The full-day package tour arranged by the Vivekananda Kendra could not be more cherishing. Although Kerala is our destination, we begin from a temple called Suchindram Thanumal... Read More

Why eviction drive fails

Bangladesh, Sept. 20 -- The Bangladesh Railway (BR) has started an eviction drive against illegal occupiers of its land from Tuesday last. On the first day, the BR demolished 250 structures, including... Read More

Both sunrise and sunset elude us at Kanyakumari

Bangladesh, Sept. 14 -- Early at dawn next day, the first must-do routine was to reach the sea front where a rough quay of stones and boulders reaches some distance into water. It is from there the su... Read More