Rice growers deserve better

Bangladesh, May 24 -- One of the great success stories of Bangladesh is its transition from a food-deficit land to a self-sufficient one. The Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) has worked wonde... Read More

Here is a story of a thief with a difference

Bangladesh, May 18 -- Stories about thieves are plenty and some are funny, a few are exemplary and others are heart-rending. The one highly laudatory relating to Haji Mohammad Mohsin and a thief is qu... Read More

On the road to economic prosperity

Bangladesh, May 17 -- It was not long before that global financial institutes and analysts including the prestigious Economist Intelligence Unit used to consider Bangladesh's economic development quit... Read More

Dealing with an epidemic of adulteration

Bangladesh, May 11 -- A joke got currency for a while in this capital city. The joke was that if the Dhakaites ate something really unadulterated, it upset their stomachs. Why? Their stomachs have bec... Read More

Taking care of problems behind transport sector imbroglio

Bangladesh, May 10 -- There is a mental divide between the public and transport workers. The reason is obvious. Transport workers are mostly painted as villains because of the frequent road accidents ... Read More

Soaring youth spirit shows the way

Bangladesh, May 4 -- At a time when crimes like murder, abduction, rape, drug addiction etcetera are rocking the very foundation of society everywhere, some youths are silently dedicating themselves t... Read More

Controversy over WASA water

Bangladesh, April 29 -- A comment by the managing director (MD) of the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority has fuelled ire of the residents of the city. His claim that water supplied by the WASA... Read More

A young man takes fight to addiction to modern gadgets

Bangladesh, April 27 -- Even in a competitive job market in this country, A Science graduate in Textile Engineering has quite a demand. Managing a job is not beyond such a graduate's ability. And inde... Read More

Daunting task of dairy development

Bangladesh, April 26 -- Deliberations on dairy farm at a roundtable arranged by a Bangla contemporary in the city on Tuesday last have centred around the various problems facing dairy farmers. Of the ... Read More

Buy one, get one free

Bangladesh, April 20 -- The catchwords, 'Buy one, get one free' are sweeping the entire length and breadth of this land. This is, however, not the only temptation that companies and trading houses use... Read More