Addiction to video game

Bangladesh, Nov. 12 -- China is the first country to have slapped a ban on online video game in order to check children's and youngsters' rising addiction to this particular type of entertainment. Mor... Read More

Overpowering motherly instinct

Bangladesh, Nov. 9 -- A truck driver in Kerala has sought legal aid from the local police station. You know why and against whom? His adversary is not a man but a crow. The flying foe has made a hell ... Read More

Need for clarification of onion price fiasco

Bangladesh, Nov. 4 -- The record price of onion -the latest high of Tk 150-160 a kilogram cross all previous marks -defies reasons and ethical business practice. Had it been a simple case of huge shor... Read More

Catching Hilsha in defiance of ban

Bangladesh, Oct. 28 -- The 22-day ban on Hilsha fishing is in its last leg. By the time the ban comes to an end on October 30, the authorities will not feel particularly pleased with the performance o... Read More

Commercial production of Sonali bags

Bangladesh, Oct. 21 -- The pilot project under which 100,000 jute poly bags will be manufactured is nearing the end of its gestation period. It comes to an end on October 31, and the target of the pro... Read More

The wrath of rivers

Bangladesh, Oct. 14 -- The fearsome mighty Padma of the past has mellowed. Naturally, in its heyday it earned the infamy of all-consuming 'rakshusi' (fiendish) Padma. Today, however, in the lean seaso... Read More

A marriage with a difference

Bangladesh, Sept. 30 -- In this age of social media, there is an overpowering drive among people to be under the spotlight. So people look for ways and means that would set them apart from the rest of... Read More

Purging party of criminal elements

Bangladesh, Sept. 23 -- The ongoing raids on sporting clubs illegally operating casinos, dens of extortionists and tender manipulators are likely to produce a mixed feeling of surprise and nausea amon... Read More

Why do young people take their own lives?

Bangladesh, Sept. 16 -- That one person dies from suicide every 40 seconds somewhere on this planet is alarming. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is disappointed that the governments the world over... Read More

Highway toll collection

Bangladesh, Sept. 9 -- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed the authorities concerned to introduce a system of highway toll collection. Under the system long haul vehicles will have to pay taxe... Read More