Hopes of corona abatement sooner dashed

New Delhi, May 31 -- Any hope that the blazing sun or a favourable planetary configuration - if not the claustrophobic lockdown or some alternative medicine or malarkey - could slow down the relentles... Read More

Actual corona number tenfold!

New Delhi, May 25 -- On March 27, Daniel Lopez-Acuna, former director of healthcare in crisis situation with the World Health Organization (WHO) said the number of people currently affected by coronav... Read More

Delhi on top, Bihar at bottom in test/million

New Delhi, May 20 -- A comprehensive data analysis of the Covid-19 testing pattern places national Capital Delhi at the top in terms of number of test carried out per million population followed by An... Read More

Some people treat me as enemy: Ex-Justice Thipsay

New Delhi, May 16 -- Former judge of the Mumbai High Court Abhay Thipsay has defended his role in giving a legal opinion in the Nirav Modi case as a witness before a UK court and feels that Law Minist... Read More

India's Covid growth 2nd highest

New Delhi, May 11 -- The speed of coronavirus spurt in India, both in terms of duration of doubling of cases as well as ratio of growth over a period of one month, could provide little comfort despite... Read More

India joins 'big 5' in daily Covid spike

New Delhi, May 6 -- Going by the total number of infections, India is the 15th worst affected country, but measured by the quantum of daily spike in absolute terms, India is now in the league of big 5... Read More