'Fake flood victims' get relief grants in Surkhet, real ones ignored

SURKHET, May 26 -- The devastating flood that originated from the Bheri River washed away a whole settlement in Barahatal Rural Municipality-2, Thapadera, on August 14, 2014. A total of 10 people died... Read More

Attraction shifts from private to community schools

SURKHET, May 20 -- Liladhar Chapai of Gurvakot Municipality had decided that his children would attend private school even before they were born. Despite being a teacher at a community school, he had ... Read More

Woman 'feeds feces' to elderly

SURKHET, May 9 -- A woman in Barahatal Rural Municipality of Surkhet has been accused of feeding feces to an elderly man recently following a dispute. Bhabisara Dangali, 46, of Barahatal-7, Baraiche,... Read More

CIAA interferes to reopen illegal crusher plant

SURKHET, May 5 -- A crusher plant operating illegally at Gochhekhola in the Chure range was shut down in mid-March by the local authorities. However, the factory has been reopened to complete an unde... Read More

1,045 flood victims of Surkhet receiving first tranche of grant after five years

SURKHET, April 30 -- Five years after being displaced by the ravaging flood of 2014, the victims of Surkhet will finally receive the first tranche of grant for the reconstruction of their houses on Tu... Read More

Karnali Province spent only 12% of budget in 9 months

SURKHET, April 22 -- Karnali Province has managed to spend only 12 percent, or Rs 3.07 billion, of the allocated Rs 26.28 billion over the first nine months of Fiscal Year 2018/19. The province has s... Read More