Two wildlife parts trafficking groups arrested in as many days

Kathmandu, May 3 -- The Metropolitan Police Range, Bhaktapur, arrested two different groups from Suryabinayak on Wednesday and Thursday. The groups were carrying with them illegal wildlife parts. Acc... Read More

Two major police units operating from tents for last four years

Kathmandu, May 2 -- The eastern gate of the National Trading Limited at Teku leads to a view of blue tents anchored to the ground. These blue tents belong to two major police offices in the Capital-th... Read More

Medical colleges charging high fees may soon face government action

Kathmandu, April 29 -- The Education and Health Sub-committee of Parliament will begin taking necessary steps to initiate action against the medical colleges found charging extra fees once they comple... Read More

Interpol Red Notice issued against Gautam, the first person without arms to climb Everest

Kathmandu, April 27 -- An Interpol Red Notice has been issued against Sudarshan Gautam, the first person without arms to climb Mount Everest without the use of prosthetics, on the charge of human traf... Read More

Post-quake recovery works hit as 4,000 workers resign en masse

Kathmandu, April 26 -- Around 4,000 technicians working for the National Reconstruction Authority in 32 earthquake-affected districts have resigned en masse, saying that they have not received any all... Read More

A Polish national arrested with a gun from airport

Kathmandu, April 26 -- Customs officials have arrested a Polish national with a gun and bullets from the Tribhuvan International Airport during a security check. Adam Ryszard Adamus [passport number:... Read More

Smuggler held with 750 grams of gold hidden in his rectum

Kathmandu, April 25 -- The customs officials at the Tribhuvan International Airport on Wednesday arrested a Bangladeshi national with 750 grams of gold hidden in his rectum. The individual has been i... Read More

Indian and Chinese nationals arrested for conning Nepalis through a lottery scam

Kathmandu, April 24 -- The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police has arrested an Indian and a Chinese national for conning several Nepalis through a lottery scam. The bureau is also after a Nig... Read More

Police arrest three of six persons suspected in Ranibari house robbery incident

Kathmandu, April 22 -- Police have arrested three out of six men in connection to the April 10 house robbery in Ranibari, Kathmandu. According to the Metropolitan Crime Division of Nepal Police, Naba... Read More

Nepal's first ever satellite launched into space

Kathmandu, April 18 -- Nepal's first satellite, 'NepaliSat-1', has been launched into space, which will soon start rotating around the earth's orbit to collect information about the country's topograp... Read More