Efforts to cobble back the UML

Kathmandu, March 15 -- The7 March verdictof the Supreme Court annulling the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) revived the UML (Unified Marxist-Leninists), but the fierce factional infighting within the NCP ... Read More

Parliamentary arithmetics

Kathmandu, Feb. 26 -- There are 10 days to go for Nepal's Parliament to reconvene as per the Supreme Court verdict on Tuesday. A lot needs to happen in that time, and a lot more is bound to happen. M... Read More

A Kathmandu Spring

Kathmandu, Feb. 18 -- The Nepal Communist Party (NCP) has by now squandered the overwhelming mandate it got in the 2017 elections to govern for five years, and its future now rests on an impending dec... Read More

Oli vs Dahal one-upmanship

Kathmandu, Feb. 4 -- Rival factions of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) are headed for a showdown as both flex their muscles with shows of force on the streets, even as the Supreme Court continues to h... Read More

Kathmandu creeps up surrounding mountains

Kathmandu, Feb. 1 -- As Kathmandu reaches the limits to its growth with nearly every square metre now built up, developers are moving to the slopeson the Valley's rim to set up housing colonies. This ... Read More