A bitter affair in Brisbane

Pakistan, Dec. 4 -- You call it a disaster, a tragedy, a catastrophe. Whatever you name it, nothing will ever come close to the humiliation our national cricket team has brought upon themselves. The r... Read More

An emerging star from RYK

Pakistan, Dec. 3 -- Poetry reveals the secrets of the soul. It shows a longing, a desire to be with someone, to be somewhere. More than a form of art, poetry is an expression. The words poets write re... Read More

Key takeaway points from the International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance

Pakistan, Nov. 9 -- National and international speakers attended the two-day International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance (ICIBF). It was held at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM)... Read More

Shoe Dog is more than a memoir; it's an ideology!

Pakistan, Nov. 8 -- Memoirs give you insights into the author's thought process and how they achieved a task. Shoe Dog is a memoir like no other. It is more of a strategy manual on how to establish a ... Read More

Atwood and Evaristo - creating their own worlds

Pakistan, Oct. 21 -- For the first time, the Man Booker Prize for Fiction was shared between two authors. Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo won the 2019 edition of the prize for their works The ... Read More

NAB: Curbing corruption for a prosperous Pakistan

Pakistan, Oct. 21 -- Every country must have a system of accountability. This is used to monitor the activities of the departments from the various sectors. Illegal practices leading to corruption mus... Read More

Kim - Rudyard Kipling's tale about life

Pakistan, Oct. 6 -- If you are a Pakistani or live in the subcontinent, you will find yourself somewhere in the 19th-Century Lahore when reading the first few pages of Kim. Rudyard Kipling's classic t... Read More