Executive insights from 2020

Pakistan, Oct. 19 -- We all want to forget about the year 2020 at the earliest. The Covid-19 and its resulting pandemic have disrupted life, business, and how the world operated. Fortune recently surv... Read More

Literature for the ages

Pakistan, Oct. 18 -- Pakistani literature has progressed with leaps and bounds over the last many decades. Three distinct streams comprise our literature. First, there is the regional language litera... Read More

Rural women and their challenges

Pakistan, Oct. 15 -- October 15 is celebrated as the International Day of Rural Women. It is recognized by the United Nations. While the day comes annually, the governments of all countries must ensur... Read More

Clash in the Caucasus

Pakistan, Oct. 12 -- Azerbaijan and Armenia recently locked their horns in a scuffle that escalated to war. For years these two countries have been trying their best to get hold of the breakaway provi... Read More

Building Pakistan's intellectual capital

Pakistan, Sept. 29 -- The intellectual capital is one of the three main forms of capital that includes physical capital and financial capital. Where physical capital (buildings, equipment) and financi... Read More

Planning for tomorrow

Pakistan, Sept. 8 -- Infrastructural loopholes are present in each city. Whether we talk about New York, London, Paris, or Sydney, ambiguities emerge and mishaps do happen when natural calamities hit.... Read More

The thoughtful generation

Pakistan, Aug. 25 -- The millennials are born during a time when the miracles of modern science and technology enveloped their lifestyles. They are now living with smartphones, data packages, wifi, an... Read More

War of the seas

Pakistan, Aug. 21 -- Among the many sea routes, the South China Sea holds tremendous economic importance. It accounts for nearly one-third of the world's maritime shipping. This trade is estimated to ... Read More

Post-colonial themes in literature

Pakistan, Aug. 20 -- Where post-colonial theory holds a special place in the world of literature, post-colonial criticism - akin to analogous cultural studies - holds an exclusive viewpoint on literat... Read More

Did Trump make America great?

Pakistan, Aug. 19 -- The re-election campaign of President Donald Trump is moving forward but he may not have many promises to make. Ever since he assumed power in 2016, Trump has engaged in a verbal ... Read More