Digital endeavors

Pakistan, July 10 -- What began as an idea of the World Wide Web has now become the foundation for digital media. Through the wonders of the Internet and communication technologies, companies are movi... Read More

'Ainak Wala Jin' - a classic idea lost in time

Pakistan, July 10 -- Characters such as Nastoor Jin, Zakoota Jin, Bil Batori and Samari Jadugar have been classic characters that appeared in 'Ainak Wala Jin.' This television series for children was ... Read More

Accepting the new normal

Pakistan, July 8 -- With the spread of COVID-19 across the world in a matter of weeks and with the world under a state of lockdown, the future seems rather bleak. However, amid this confusion and chao... Read More

A conscious versifier

Pakistan, July 4 -- Words leave a profound meaning on our minds. They represent an emotion, dwell on the thought and symbolise feelings. Afshan Shafi's "Quiet Women" manages to represent all of these.... Read More

The Boy Who Lived has to be one of the most popular chapter titles in literary history

Pakistan, June 21 -- The Boy Who Lived has to be one of the most popular chapter titles in modern literary history. The opening lines of this chapter, too, must be etched in the memory of those who ha... Read More

An orator like no other!

Pakistan, June 19 -- Tariq Aziz was one of the most recognizable voices in Pakistan. Always wearing a shalwar qameez, he exhumed elegance in character and poise in his conversation. He was the first a... Read More

The four rules for success

Pakistan, June 16 -- In our personal, student, or professional life, we aim at completing tasks that brings a difference to our life. After careful planning and deliberation when we act, we decide to ... Read More

Space race

Pakistan, June 13 -- When Apollo 11 mission lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center, USA, on April 16, 1969, it carried on board Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. These two men became the first humans ... Read More

Dr. Asif Farrukhi: a man of letters!

Pakistan, June 5 -- "News of death, especially if unrelated to the dreaded coronavirus, seems all the more dismal. Where newspaper accounts are lean on details, I follow up with a Google search." This... Read More

Reconnecting with life

Pakistan, June 1 -- The world as we know it is in a state of flux. In fact, we have been experiencing a change in our thought process and behavior ever since the technology was embedded in our lives. ... Read More