Karachi: from a city to lights to the 'ignored city'

Pakistan, Jan. 6 -- Something happened to Karachi during the last decade or so. The provincial and the city government had a change of heart or of priority that led them to look away from the problems... Read More

Welcome to Pakistan

Pakistan, Jan. 4 -- From the valleys and snow-covered mountains to the lakes, rivers and green fields, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) holds immense natural beauty to attract tourists from ac... Read More


Pakistan, Jan. 4 -- The 22-year-long efforts of Imran Khan culminated in his taking oath as the prime minister of Pakistan. The 2018 general elections saw the emergence of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf... Read More

Loyalty must be the New Year's resolution

Pakistan, Dec. 30 -- The year 2019 is ending. A new decade will begin. People across the world will be preparing their New Year's Resolution. However, in Pakistan, the echoes of change and the promise... Read More

Denunciating Trump

Pakistan, Dec. 21 -- The seventeenth President of the United States, Andrew Johnson, was the first US President in history to face impeachment. Johnson, who took office in April 1865 was impeached in ... Read More

A bitter affair in Brisbane

Pakistan, Dec. 4 -- You call it a disaster, a tragedy, a catastrophe. Whatever you name it, nothing will ever come close to the humiliation our national cricket team has brought upon themselves. The r... Read More

An emerging star from RYK

Pakistan, Dec. 3 -- Poetry reveals the secrets of the soul. It shows a longing, a desire to be with someone, to be somewhere. More than a form of art, poetry is an expression. The words poets write re... Read More

Key takeaway points from the International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance

Pakistan, Nov. 9 -- National and international speakers attended the two-day International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance (ICIBF). It was held at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM)... Read More

Shoe Dog is more than a memoir; it's an ideology!

Pakistan, Nov. 8 -- Memoirs give you insights into the author's thought process and how they achieved a task. Shoe Dog is a memoir like no other. It is more of a strategy manual on how to establish a ... Read More