Rugby World Cup 2019: A win for Mandela's dream and host Japan

Dhaka, Nov. 8 -- Rugby is not an Asian game. Among all countries of the continent, it is only in Japan the game had gained some extent of popularity in the past, which too had largely been overshadowe... Read More

Imperial enthronement ceremony in Japan displays rich traditional inheritance

Dhaka, Nov. 1 -- People of Japan had the rare opportunity of witnessing the galore of imperial legacy making a comeback in public display with all its pomp and glitter. Last week's Imperial enthroneme... Read More

Olympic marathons might move to cooler north

Dhaka, Oct. 25 -- Those who still remember the exciting moments of the first Olympic Games held in the Japanese capital more than five decades ago might well recount the scene of a skinny marathon run... Read More

A deadly typhoon brings misery in Eastern Japan

Dhaka, Oct. 18 -- Our mother nature is no doubt very angry - so is the saying going around. If she is not extremely unhappy, then why there is so much fury in her recent behavior? This is what a group... Read More

Nagoya's Centrair gets an exclusive LCC terminal

Dhaka, Sept. 27 -- Chubu International Airport of central Japan, commonly known as Centrair, has become the third international airport of the country to get a terminal for exclusive use by Low-Cost C... Read More

A delightful Bangladesh event in Japan enthralls foreign audience

Dhaka, Sept. 20 -- Portraying Bangladesh to overseas audience had always been problematic for us due to years of bad propaganda that have tainted the image of a country with rich cultural heritage. Th... Read More

Killer robots are coming

Dhaka, Sept. 13 -- With the ongoing advancement in science and technology, a renewed hope is now placed on robotics that would ease the burden of hard work for humans and also help filling up the vacu... Read More

Japan to send debt management experts to help Africa

Dhaka, Sept. 6 -- China-Japan tussle over winning the allegiance of African nations is not a new story. Two countries have been involved in a hidden propaganda battle against each other in African tur... Read More

African leaders gathering in Japan amid intense competition

Dhaka, Aug. 30 -- Africa is in the minds of influential nations for quite long. The continent that Joseph Conrad once termed as the 'heart of darkness' is no longer left in shadow ever since the proce... Read More

Saitama to launch Host Family Program for Tokyo 2020

Dhaka, Aug. 23 -- Less than a year remains before the start of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which is coming to the Japanese capital for the second time in little over half a century. The s... Read More