The fabric of democracy

Kathmandu, Jan. 19 -- One sure sign that Nepal's politics is once more heating up can be discerned these days at the workshop of Mihtila Printing Suppliers in Bagbazar. The factory cannot churn out p... Read More

From one emergency to another

Kathmandu, Jan. 7 -- The volunteer group RNA16 shot into the limelight in May 2020 after it handled the first coronavirus death in Nepal at a time when there was extreme stigma about the disease. Eig... Read More

Long live tradition

Kathmandu, Dec. 15 -- Traditionally, the average lifespan of a Nepali used to be 40-45. Child mortality rate was high, and very few people lived to a ripe old age. Which meant that living long was a ... Read More

Kathmandu marks 'Ihi' with a difference

Kathmandu, Dec. 6 -- Before girls from the Newa community reach their puberty they are ceremonially 'married' to a holy fruit which is considered to be a symbol of Lord Vishnu. The ritual calledIhi (... Read More

Covid fatigue drives Nepalis to nightspots

Kathmandu, Dec. 5 -- Kathmandu's tourist neighbourhood of Thamel has been a ghost town for most of 2020, butjust like Pokharaand Chitwan it is now bustling with Nepalis who are going out with a vengea... Read More