A silent epidemic: How OCD is taking heavy toll on Kashmir women

Srinagar, March 30 -- Heeba (name changed) found herself engulfed in a relentless battle with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Her daily routine was haunted by incessant thoughts of cleanliness an... Read More

Class 8 exams: 1.75 lakh students heave sigh of relief after revised date sheet

Srinagar, March 29 -- A revised date sheet has brought a collective sigh of relief for 1.75 lakh Class 8 students who have already lost precious school time. After the uncertainty and anxiety caused ... Read More

With 45.2%, J&K has one of the highest prehypertension rate in India

Srinagar, March 26 -- A new study has revealed that Jammu and Kashmir has one of the highest prehypertension rates at 45.2 percent. Conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the stu... Read More

Clamor grows for QR code-based payment mode in public transport

Srinagar, March 23 -- Clamor is growing for QR code-based payment system in public transport. For many people, the daily struggle to secure exact change or coins for public transportation fares remai... Read More

Why leech therapy has become an inherent part of Navroz festivities in Kashmir

Srinagar, March 21 -- Food, feast and leeches! Navroz was celebrated was traditional fervor and gaiety in Kashmir. What added a unique dimension to the festival was the leech therapy. Since the fest... Read More

Question paper fiasco: JKBOSE to announce new date for Class XII Physical Education exam in few days

Srinagar, March 20 -- Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) will announce a revised schedule for the Class 12 Physical Education exam within a couple of days. On Wednesday, the examina... Read More

Ramadan Kareem: Miswak sales surge in Kashmir; dentists call it 'valuable oral hygiene tool'

Srinagar, March 19 -- Come Ramadan, Miswak sales surge in Kashmir. What has added a new dimension this year is dentists recommending Miswak over toothpaste and plastic bristled brushes. Medical expe... Read More

'This Is One In A Melon': Shun your worries, enjoy watermelon this Ramadan; it is safe

Srinagar, March 16 -- People can now enjoy watermelons in Ramadan, thanks to food laboratory reports confirming the absence of harmful substances, In a recent turn of events, the streets of Srinagar ... Read More

Doctors speak: Can lactating moms observe fast during Ramadan?

Srinagar, March 15 -- Doctors have come up with revised guidance for lactating mothers on maintaining a balanced diet for optimal health during the holy month of Ramadan. Recognizing the significance... Read More

Ramzan Mubarak! Meet young volunteers who are providing free Sehri, Iftaar meals to patients, attendants

Srinagar, March 13 -- As the clock strikes 3, Amir Rashid and his dedicated band of associates leave the comfort of their beds and rush to hospitals. Carrying packs of food and water, they go to hospi... Read More