Vagamon - Reaching out to the sky-high hills

Sri Lanka, Nov. 22 -- Vagamon, the range of sky-high hills in the Kerala state of India reveals an unusual beauty of nature. Vagamon forms the border of the Idukki district, displaying a spectacle of ... Read More

Taking a walk along the Kandy Lake

Sri Lanka, Nov. 15 -- Cultural heritage is the most intriguing factor of a country that captivates the attention and attraction of the outside world. It portrays the identity of the motherland and inf... Read More

Manifest what you need

Sri Lanka, Nov. 15 -- All the inventions by humans were first manifested in their minds. - Sadhguru, the Mystic Yogi "We spend a comfortable life in the sophisticated world where we created the machi... Read More

Awareness, the best tool to prevent gender-based violence

Sri Lanka, Nov. 8 -- The 2019 Women's Wellbeing Survey (WWS) in Sri Lanka was conducted by the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) with technical assistance from the United Nations Population Fu... Read More

Stepping towards Inner Engineering

Sri Lanka, Nov. 1 -- This series of Inner Engineering guidance based on Sadhguru's teachings will lead you to find the truth about your existence and to create the best out of your life experience on ... Read More

The mental sickness pandemic!

Sri Lanka, Nov. 1 -- Concern about mental health issues is rising during this Coronavirus pandemic. Mental health is not a trivial topic to be cast aside because it is fundamental to every situation i... Read More

Behold nature on a train tour

Sri Lanka, Oct. 25 -- The beauty of a misty forest, the cold freshness of the breeze, and the sweet hymns of birds would fill your heart with the purest emotions that you would have never experienced.... Read More

Hygiene for all

Sri Lanka, Oct. 18 -- The Covid- 19 pandemic has taught the vitality of washing hands. This year Global Hand Washing Day was celebrated on October 15 worldwide under the theme, 'Hand Hygiene for All'.... Read More