Sickness: A Politician's Preserve?

Sri Lanka, Jan. 2 -- Something has been bent. A short-cut has been taken. Like bending and short-cutting that has happened during previous regimes. But why? What's strange about these sick politicia... Read More

Recruitment conundrum Loyalty and competence are not coterminous

Sri Lanka, Dec. 26 -- Few appointments to State institutions escape criticism. This is natural in a country where meritocracy spices rhetoric but rarely gets inscribed in recruitment processes. It is ... Read More

The new populism is to resist populism and populists

Sri Lanka, Dec. 19 -- A general election will be held soon. That much is certain. Indeed, if not for the term-related clause in the 19th Amendment Parliament would be dissolved by now. This Parliament... Read More

Curbing 'executive' enthusiasm

Sri Lanka, Dec. 12 -- 'Curb your enthusiasm' is a comedy television series created by Larry David, the television writer who was, along with Jerry Seinfeld, the 'brains' behind the popular sitcom 'Sei... Read More

Switzerland is flat, ladies and gentlemen

Sri Lanka, Dec. 5 -- It is not advisable to believe one's own propaganda. That's a basic rule in political engagement. Blurs vision. Flaws calculation. Usually results in egg on the face. Now consider... Read More