Post Brexit: Miles to go before complete divorce

India, Feb. 9 -- Brexit is finally done. At the end of January this year, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, signed the agreement for country's withdrawal from the European Union (EU).This has... Read More

Right-green coalition in Austria unviable

India, Jan. 26 -- Sebastian Kurz, the youngest Chancellor of Austria at the age of 33, has just taken over as the Chancellor of the country for the second time. The People's Party, known as Osterreich... Read More

Al-Shabab raises its ugly head again

India, Jan. 12 -- Somalia, a country in the eastern most part of the African continent in the Horn of Africa, is facing the rage of the Islamic jehad spearheaded by Al-Shabab. It lies along the Gulf o... Read More

Top General's killing delays Arab Spring in Iran

India, Jan. 5 -- The Islamic Republic of Iran is in a fix. In an unexpected turn of events in the country reeling under raging protests against the economic slump, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (... Read More

Justice for Rohingyas: Will it come ever?

India, Dec. 29 -- The Rohingyas of Myanmar are recorded as one of the most persecuted communities in the world. Though they have been living in Myanmar's Rakhine province for decades, they have been c... Read More

Brexit: The final journey under Johnson

India, Dec. 22 -- Boris Johnson has romped home in the parliamentary election with 365 seats in the 650-member House against the Labour Party's 203 seats. The Labour Party, under James Corbyn, lost it... Read More

What do Iraqi protesters strive for?

India, Dec. 15 -- Iraq has once again descended into an abyss. Since the downfall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, the country has not witnessed peace for almost two decades now. Modern Iraq was established... Read More

US law can't usher in democracy in Hong Kong

India, Dec. 1 -- Hong Kong witnessed an unprecedented democratic exercise last week. The results of the just concluded elections for 18 District Councils in the city can at best be termed as an affron... Read More

Inclusive governance a challenge for Gotabaya

India, Nov. 24 -- Gotabaya Rajapaksa, brother of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, has become the eighth President of Sri Lanka. Nearly 16 million people decided the fate of 35 candidates in the pre... Read More