The state's responsibility

Bangladesh, Jan. 23 -- It isn't unusual that there will be a whole horde of expectations from government elected by the people. Every interview by the print and broadcast media prior to national polls... Read More

All perhaps is not well

Bangladesh, Jan. 3 -- There are some economists that are questioning GDP growth numbers in the wake of key indices showing downward trends barring remittances. The biggest questions centre on the inab... Read More

The devil really is in the detail

Bangladesh, Dec. 25 -- For Bangladesh to graduate to a middle income country investments somewhere in the region of $120 billion are required, especially in infrastructure. Compared to that the averag... Read More

Dissent that comes a trifle late

Bangladesh, Dec. 21 -- The Brexit debates in the House of Commons had at least the redeeming feature of the Conservative party members criticising its own Ministers of having failed in their duties or... Read More

Depression impacts productivity

Bangladesh, Dec. 13 -- It shouldn't be a matter of surprise that 71 per cent of the population suffers from depression. According to physicians, this is fast becoming the leading cause of suicides and... Read More

The agriculture dilemma

Bangladesh, Dec. 2 -- There is a growing concern at farmers' becoming inclined to tobacco cultivation, given the stated stance of the government towards a tobacco-free society. As a principle the stan... Read More

Over-ambitious revenue targets are not the answer

Bangladesh, Nov. 24 -- It's nothing new that the revenue collections in the first two months of the current fiscal year fell well short of targets. Every year the taxman is laden with targets that are... Read More

Ignoring the fastest growing economy

Bangladesh, Nov. 6 -- The Centre for Policy Dialogue has raised questions over the stated GDP growth figures on the basis of the ailing banking system, the comatose share market, declining expatriate ... Read More