Of Hip Hop and House

Sri Lanka, Aug. 2 -- In a spool back the popular dance moves then were the waltz, quickstep, fox trot, tango and jive. Today it is an entirely different scene. A cynic who has grown up enjoying today'... Read More

Miracle - a scintillating fivesome

Sri Lanka, July 19 -- I'm just a gigoloAnd everywhere I goPeople know the part I'm playingPay for every danceSelling each romanceOh, what they sayin?...... Miracle led by the distinctive versatile an... Read More

In a league of his own

Sri Lanka, July 12 -- The legendary Louie Bellson once said, "Drummers are the tone of life: We are rhythm, we are timing, we are pacing". The good natured genial Hassan Musafer believed in the saying... Read More

In a style of his own

Sri Lanka, July 5 -- "I see trees of greenRed roses tooI see them bloomFor me and youAnd I think to myselfWhat a wonderful world......" No doubt your mind quickly flashed to Louis Armstrong - you are... Read More

De Lanerolle Brothers take their singing to a new high

Sri Lanka, June 21 -- They say the 'Sky is the limit', and that is exactly what the De Lanerolle Brothers are planning to do with their singing next Sunday (28), of course weather and flights permitti... Read More