There'll never be another Elton

Sri Lanka, Jan. 12 -- Sir Elton John is now 135 dates into a 241-show swansong of his major tour Farewell Yellow Brick Road. Like he mentioned before and will continue to do so he wants to spend more ... Read More

Impressive and entertaining

Sri Lanka, Jan. 5 -- Like the blurbs went, it was a night of song and holiday cheer with saxophonist/vocalist Gananath Dasanayake at the helm. No one in the audience could have anticipated what the pa... Read More

Nalin & the Star Combination to ring in 2020

Sri Lanka, Dec. 22 -- Who could be a better band to help you welcome the New Year 2020 than Nalin & The Star Combination? The band's popularity has escalated with the passage of time especially this y... Read More

The legend bows out

Sri Lanka, Dec. 15 -- "So goodbye yellow brick road Where dogs of society howl You can't plant me in your penthouse I'm going back to my plough...." The iconic Sir Elton John decided to end his im... Read More

A joyful season

Sri Lanka, Dec. 8 -- Like the words of the song unfolds Christmas is the time when music is significant and enjoyment is plenty. So soak yourself in the variety of music that will echo in the Lounge a... Read More

Christmas Oratorio

Sri Lanka, Dec. 1 -- The first ever Sinhala Christmas Oratorio composed and conducted by the well known Sri Lankan composer Dr. Lalanath de Silva will be presented by the Oktave Choir and friends toge... Read More

A debut single that spells creativity

Sri Lanka, Nov. 24 -- A student of CIMA and in management level 20-year-old Shavinya Illankoon has released her debut single "To the Light". Not only the single, she was also involved in creating a vi... Read More

Emotionally, an exhilarating performance

Sri Lanka, Nov. 17 -- "Blue jean baby L.A. Lady Seamstress for the band Pretty eyes, pirate smile, you'll marry a music man Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand And now she's in ... Read More

Musically and visually- the show was a stellar

Sri Lanka, Nov. 10 -- Make your tracks to the Mount Lavinia Hotel this morning and catch the vocal artistry of Ray Pereira who is back in Sri Lanka from Uncle Sam's country to avail himself of another... Read More

A gifted pianist

Sri Lanka, Nov. 3 -- There was I seated in the lobby of the Taj Samudra awaiting to meet my interviewee, and as the minutes dragged by, my patience too was diminishing. But that was not for long. I he... Read More