Talktime : 'I regret not retaliating to verbal abuse'

India, May 24 -- What is your role in Voot Select's Illegal? I play Janardhan Jaitley, a hotshot criminal lawyer. However, the twist in the character is that he is into politics as well. He is cruel ... Read More

Teeka tickles funny bone

India, May 24 -- Much before the infamous gamcha was brought in trend by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to cover the nose and mouth during the COVID-19 pandemic, Teeka Ram was already flaunting one.... Read More

Rides that matter

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Imagination takes flight

India, May 17 -- Flying carpets, magic lamps, fairies, kings and what not -who doesn't miss the gripping tales of 1001 Arabian Nights brimmed with morals and values. To give you a taste of the tales a... Read More

'Acting was never a plan'

India, May 17 -- What attracted you to play Farooq Ali in Hotstar Special's Special OPS? It is a combination of all - the script, the character and ofcourse the director, Neeraj Pandey. The team gave... Read More

Talktime : 'I raise the bar for myself'

India, May 17 -- What is your role in Netflix's Mrs. Serial Killer? I play Dr Mrityunjay Mukherjee. He is traumatised by his past. He's has studied medical science and is quite an expert in things th... Read More

'I'd like to play naive character'

India, May 10 -- What is your role in Ek Thi Begum? This story is from the late 80s and the early 90s when the underworld was at its peak. I play Ashraf Bhatkar aka Sapna . The entire story revolves ... Read More

Let's Meet

India, May 3 -- For Avinash Singh, a 21-year-old college student, the day starts at 9:30 am by logging in to the computer and be all set for the day's classes from the comfort of his home. Interesting... Read More

'I still feel like a newcomer'

India, April 26 -- This is the eighth time you are playing Lord Shiva. What attracts you to the role? The main reason for me to say yes to Devi - Aadi Parashakti was the fact that yet again I got an ... Read More

Humour Karo Na!

India, April 26 -- Your phone beeps and there's a message on the family WhatsApp group. Nose and Mouth are declared as private parts till further orders. Keep them covered in public. A moment later, a... Read More