'The script left me in tears'

India, April 11 -- What does Justice Reloaded have on offer? This is a chapter where we are reopening cold cases. It is quite a spine-chilling experience to go through cases that were so challenging ... Read More

Story of American dreams. Struggle & sacrifice

India, April 11 -- Every film starts with a mere thought which turns into a story. But behind this single thought, there is a lot of inspiration that one needs. For The Illegal, director Danish Renzu'... Read More

No time to breathe

India, April 11 -- Superheroes are, at all times, expected to have super powers that can help them go on a rescue trail and protect the world from the eye of the evil. However, not all superheroes are... Read More

Talktime | 'I like the darker side of people'

India, April 11 -- What is Bisaat about? Bisaat is a chessboard of relationships, betrayal, deceit, lies and most importantly murder. While a murder mystery is generally devoid of deep relationships,... Read More

Just play

India, April 11 -- All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, only a few would have believed in it. However, the current education world has turned more into a playground for the kids, where they fro... Read More

No hacking this

India, April 7 -- On Sunday morning, many people woke up to the news of personal data of over 500 million Facebook users leaked over the Internet. The news created a storm among the Facebookholics and... Read More

'I work with honesty & dedication'

India, April 4 -- What is your role about? I play Ahaan Veer Malhotra, a businessman. He is modern in his outlook, but from the inside he is still old school. He is a family man and lives in a joint ... Read More

'I learnt discipline on Bhabhiji...'

India, April 4 -- What is your role in Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai about? I play Danny Sharma, Anita's father. He is a rich businessman settled in America and is visiting her daughter after about 12 years... Read More

Talktime | 'D Company is a trailer of my upcoming series'

India, April 4 -- Can you talk us through the process of shooting D Company? The challenge was to match old Bombay. No matter how good a place was or how much resemblance it shared with the city back... Read More

Suez chokepoint

India, April 4 -- Many of us might have come across the image of, what looked like a still from an animated action movie, a ship blocking a canal, not a random one, but the Suez Canal - an artificial ... Read More