Men sideline women from leadership and decision-making roles in consumer committees

ACHHAM, May 16 -- Kala Dhami of Mangalsain Municipality-13, Achham, was all set to lead a consumers' committee of a local drinking water project. Discussions had been held among locals twice regarding... Read More

Centuries-old gold and silver ornaments recovered in Achham district

ACHHAM, May 14 -- Two weeks ago, while laying the foundation for a campus building in Sanphebagar Municipality-2, Achham, a group of seven construction workers recovered gold ornaments weighing about ... Read More

Majority of girls in Achham district out of school system

ACHHAM, May 6 -- Kokila BK, 12, of Mangalsen Municipality-7, has been living at her sister's home for the past five years. Her sister brought Kokila to her home after their mother married another man ... Read More

Teenage girls in Achham launch campaign against child marriage

ACHHAM, May 5 -- Teenage girls of Achham have launched a campaign against child marriage in the district. School-going girls in various local units of Achham have started to launch awareness programm... Read More

Understaffed local unit in Achham conducts classes to prep locals for employment

ACHHAM, May 3 -- Ramaroshan Rural Municipality, in Achham district, is currently conducting classes to prepare those wanting to take the Public Service Commission (PSC) examination. The local unit is... Read More

Locals' dream of lighting up their homes remains a distant dream

ACHHAM, April 29 -- The locals of Ward 1 and 2 of Mangalsain Municipality, Achham, have a long-held dream of lighting up their houses with electricity. But recent development, or lack thereof, of the ... Read More

Dire state of health post in Achham village affects services

ACHHAM, April 8 -- Achham district, one of the remotest districts in Nepal, is deprived of many development indexes including health service. The district has only one health post in Mangalsen Municip... Read More

Police units in dilapidated condition in Achham

ACHHAM, April 6 -- Police officers stationed at the Dhungachalna Police Post have been working from a 60-year-old dilapidated building in the south eastern part of Achham district for a long time now.... Read More

Federalism has led many civil servants in Achham to work sans payment

ACHHAM, April 4 -- Amit Kumar Yadav, a resident of Janakpur in Dhanusha district, passed an examination conducted by the Public Service Commission to be appointed as a government employee. He was post... Read More

Binayak-Thatikhand road sees little progress with contract due to expire on April 28

ACHHAM, March 27 -- Construction work of Binayak-Thatikhand section of the Mid-hill Highway in Achham district is nowhere near complete as its three-year contract period expires next month. Tejendra ... Read More