Asian civilisation

Nepal, May 22 -- All indications do comprehensively indicate that Asia is once again emerging as the global nerve centre. Despite being home to a population of 5 billion, containing one-fourth of the ... Read More

Four border junctions

Kathmandu, May 8 -- The four crucial energy junctions have very distinctly emerged in quadrilateral corners of South Asia, where India stands to be the central actor. These junctions are the India-Nep... Read More

India's Sixth Schedule

Nepal, April 24 -- India's federalism practices have unparalleled varieties that have evolved since the colonial days. Though there are clear constitutional provisions of the devolution of powers and ... Read More

India goes to the polls

Nepal, April 10 -- India is once again in the grip of a festive season. The 17th parliamentary election, to be held in seven phases from April 11 to May 19, is a core discussion point all across the c... Read More

Partial financial inclusion

Nepal, March 27 -- India plunged into structural adjustment programmes and substantial economic reforms mostly in the 1990s. Reasons attributed to these far reaching policies were deepening poverty an... Read More

Election in Darjeeling

Nepal, March 13 -- Election fever has once again gripped the violence prone hill town of Darjeeling. For the next one month, large-scale manipulation, 'purchase of seat', backroom defections, false pr... Read More

Soft power

Nepal, Feb. 27 -- The very nature, contents and orientation of international relations have shown some remarkable changes in the last three decades or so. They are now more complex as the principles a... Read More