Liberia: NPP, LPDP Draw 'Fishy' Resolution ahead of Senatorial Election

MONROVIA, Feb. 14 -- From the unfolding events, one can easily tell that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) will experience a very rough ride among its members in deciding who contests on the C... Read More

Liberia: Solicitor General Syrenius Cephas Served as Lawyer for Ellen Corkrum and Sought Dismissal of Charges

MONROVIA, Feb. 14 -- Ellen Corkrum added Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephas as one of her lawyers when she filed a motion to dismiss the indictment in April 2016 The controversy over why the Government of L... Read More

Breweries Lead At The Top Reduce

Liberia, Feb. 14 -- Monrovia Club Breweries' lead at the top of the ongoing Liberia Football Association's Orange Sponsored First Division league has been reduced to four points. The Beer Boys were h... Read More

Liberia: Alexander Cummings Calls for Dismissals in Govt, Closure of Schools Amid Gasoline Saga

MONROVIA, Feb. 13 -- The head of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, has called for the dismissal of the heads of the National Port Authority, the Liberia Petroleum Ref... Read More

Liberia: Hospital Reportedly Holds Remains of Late Amb. Fossung Pending Settlement of Medical Bills; But GoL Says All on Course for Return of the Body

MONROVIA, Feb. 12 -- FrontPageAfrica has gathered that the family of the late Mary-Ann Fossung is contemplating writing the President of Senegal, Mackey Sall, to help the family return her remains fro... Read More

Liberia: Government Sets Up Committee to Investigate Gasoline Shortage

MONROVIA, Feb. 12 -- There has been no definite reason given for the sudden shortage of gasoline Liberia is in its third week of acute gasoline shortage and the situation is getting worse by the day,... Read More

Liberia: Did LPRC Lie? APM Terminals Distances Itself from Rescheduling of Vessels Claims

MONROVIA, Feb. 12 -- According to APM Terminals, it has no involvement with the discharging of petroleum vessels which only dock at the LRPC and BMC pier which are outside the APM concession area APM... Read More

Liberia: Players Bemoan Move to Make Government Sole Exporter of Cocoa

Monrovia, Feb. 11 -- Exporters, nongovernmental organizations and some farmers are against the amendment of the LACRA law. The protesting stakeholders said that they were not engaged, consulted nor gi... Read More

Liberia: Power Struggle at Ministry of Justice, Workers Confused on Whose Instructions to Take

MONROVIA, Feb. 10 -- Things are reportedly going amiss at the Ministry of Justice as the struggle for power between the Minister of Justice and the Solicitor General is leaving many junior staffers co... Read More

Liberia: Last Dredging of Port was 2017, Not 2012, Public Still Wonder Cause of Acute Gasoline Scarcity

Monrovia, Feb. 10 -- FPA has gathered from viewing of port records that the port was dredged in 2017 by Nordsee Dredging International, a subsidiary of Dredging Environment Marine International (DEME ... Read More