Ancient Nights and Desert Skies

Delhi, Nov. 25 -- Island in the Sky "Keep your knees bent and remember, french fries to go, pizza to stop," my instructor was next to me as I was hurtling down the slope. It wasn't food he was offeri... Read More

Trailing Solo

Delhi, Nov. 23 -- "I used to go running every evening at sunset from my lodge at Bandhavgarh to a village nearby. One evening, as I was walking back, I heard langur alarm calls. They were excited and ... Read More

Gearbox: The Best of November

Delhi, Nov. 21 -- Leather Dual Camera StrapMade with handcrafted Italian full-grain leather, these straps come with a crab-hook mechanism to allow quick release. there are five adjustable loops, and s... Read More

Foothills and Farms

Delhi, Nov. 20 -- I was floating in the pool, trying to trace Orion with my little fingernail, but something wasn't right. The stars were twinkling a little too much and there were simply too many of ... Read More

Did You Know About This Village Where Men Are Banned?

Delhi, Nov. 16 -- There is a village in the grasslands of Samburu in northern Kenya, and it's rather unique. The village of Umoja-"unity" in Swahili- is guarded by a thorn fence, and for good reason: ... Read More

Gearbox: The Best of September

Delhi, Oct. 24 -- Sun Glow Solar Mini LED LanternFit this nifty little solar lantern with a Li-Ion battery into your backpack and hit the road. The LEDs use 5W of solar power and can last four to five... Read More

Pasta Rolling in the Foothills

Delhi, Oct. 16 -- A mid-pandemic socially-distanced escape is the need of the hour for those of us privileged enough to cash in. For me, it meant a work trip to Dehradun, a place where the Ganga and t... Read More

The Mask You Can Run In

Delhi, Sept. 30 -- I usually go running at some ungodly hour in the middle of the night. The darkness is calming, the silence peaceful, and the lack of other people is a natural protection against the... Read More

New Wheels, Old City

Delhi, Sept. 14 -- I was trying to park between two poles. With the entirety of my focus on the breaks, I kept inching closer to one of them. And suddenly, a jerk, a shudder, and then silence. "What d... Read More