BMW India launches new X5

Mumbai, May 17 -- Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar on Thursday took the covers off German carmaker BMW's latest generation of their X5 Sports Utility Vehicle. The German carmaker which is anothe... Read More

SAIC unveils MG Hector in India

Mumbai, May 16 -- Chinese carmaker Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation (SAIC) took the covers off its much anticipated SUV, the MG Hector here today. The Chinese carmaker which has joint-ventur... Read More

Dealing with emissions

India, May 13 -- Over the past few weeks, the surprise announcement by Maruti Suzuki , the country's largest carmaker, that it would be withdrawing from the diesel segment after the new Bharat Stage-V... Read More

Living with electricity

India, April 26 -- At the outset, I should make one thing clear that the BMW i3s is a luxury car, it might be an eco-friendly BMW with recycled plastic being used as well as environmental-friendly fab... Read More

Goodbye Jet Airways?

India, April 22 -- Many of us have been watching the Jet Airways bankruptcy saga with a lot of sorrow. Do not get me wrong - Jet Airways was bled dry by its promoters and management with all sorts of ... Read More

A competitive Venue

India, April 19 -- As the Angriya cruise boat headed out to sea from Mumbai, past the Gateway of India, Hyundai India used the opportunity to unveil its new compact SUV, the Venue. While the standing ... Read More

Faster than ever. At 56!

India, April 12 -- There are very, very few timeless cars. Thanks to advancements in engine technology, demands of luxury and the need for modern safety, a car today looks very different from a car in... Read More

The MAX problem

India, April 8 -- Sometimes it pays to look into history. The same is the case with aviation. In 1991, a United Airlines plane smashed into the ground in Colorado. A few years later, in 1994, another ... Read More

A drive through Andalusia

India, April 7 -- Spain has the longest network of motorways in Europe at over 15,000 km and many of Spain's motorways, called the Autovia, have been built or improved in the past two decades, thanks ... Read More

More than ordinary

India, April 5 -- Last week we found ourselves in the Algarve, a region on Portugal's southern coast. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with hills flush with an abundance of citrus ... Read More