Engine stalled

India, April 3 -- The sales figures for March are in, and the year-end usually used to see a lot of deals as dealers and manufacturers tried to clear their stocks. This March has been a bloodbath thou... Read More

National Capital silenced

India, March 27 -- As someone who has called this city home for over the past three decades, this was unusual. Even on the days when much of the city shuts down, Republic Day or Independence Day, the ... Read More

Metal To Excellence, making of the all-new Hyundai Creta

Chennai, March 7 -- The Hyundai factory lies around 90 minutes outside downtown Chennai, when ground on the factory was broken in 1996 with operations starting in 1997, no-one could have predicted the... Read More

The car as a metaphor

India, March 6 -- Sometimes, not having to write about 'a' car allows me the freedom to write on cars because I love the concept of cars, yet I do not know whether this is a love affair that can, or w... Read More

Aviation industry catches the flu

New Delhi, March 5 -- It is almost a year since Jet Airways shut down operations, and while some of that airline's Boeing 737 are still flying about with Jet's unmistakable dark blue tails for SpiceJe... Read More

China's 'trust' deficit

India, March 2 -- The outbreak of Coronavirus that has stymied economic activity across China and the rest of the world, including neighbouring Southeast Asia, has gradually been brought under control... Read More

Physics? Who cares?

India, March 2 -- The United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Or so 'The Star Spangled Banner' goes, but one thing that country does have is wide, open roads and thou... Read More

Your next car will not be electric

India, Feb. 21 -- First things first. We have to keep in mind that we live in a country where the people who are in power believe that cars are a luxury item. That was made clear by Prime Minister Nar... Read More

Hero MotoCorp unveils new products, announces Rs 10,000 crore investments

Rajasthan, Feb. 19 -- Later this year, Hero MotoCorp will unveil the 100 millionth motorcycle to leave one of their production lines. In the 35 years since the Munjal-promoted group has been producing... Read More

To drive or not to drive?

India, Feb. 14 -- Should I be honest for a moment, as much as I love driving cars, it is more often than not an extremely stressful activity. And if you drive in India, you know what I am talking abou... Read More