The rise and rise of the SUV

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Low-hanging fruit in electrification

India, April 2 -- There is one thing that I have to get off my chest: The rapid adoption of electric three-wheelers, e-rickshaws as we call them, has been dramatic. Whenever an opportunity arises in I... Read More

What price for a smile?

India, April 2 -- Be honest now, are you a bit partial to Diet Cola? I am. As much as I like carbonated drinks, truth be told, they are quite sugary and since my body can't get rid of that sugar effic... Read More

Range Anxiety is a real concern

India, April 1 -- The latest season of the Netflix animated comedy series ' Big Mouth' introduces a character called 'Tito the anxiety mosquito'. While the character is comedic, it does highlight the ... Read More

The electric challenge

India, March 31 -- During a recent round of increase in petrol and diesel prices, many crocodile tears were shed by the politicians of all hues. The Centre and State Governments have raised incredible... Read More

A reminder to be safe

India, March 26 -- This past week, on a school WhatsApp group, I got a reminder that it is a decade since I lost two batchmates in the space of a month to car accidents. Their names were Aseem Chaturv... Read More

Running with the Bulls

India, March 19 -- As a young boy, I had once bought an encyclopedia of world cars. If I remember correctly, it was for the years 1989-1990. The cover of that book, which must be in some trunk in my m... Read More

A new baby Mercedes

India, March 12 -- The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the new kid on the block when it comes to both Mercedes-Benz and the entry-level luxury sedan segment. This car effectively replaces the old CLA sedan, ... Read More

Hyundai i20 wins Indian Car Of The Year 2021

New Delhi, Feb. 28 -- The Indian Car of the Year (ICOTY) 2021 and the Indian Motorcycle Of The Year (IMOTY) 2021 awards were announced at a glittering ceremony here in Delhi. The winner of the ICOTY ... Read More

A flight and travel after one year

India, Feb. 27 -- It is not good form to write columns in the first person but since this column talks of a personal experience, I will be writing it as such. The experience in question was catching a... Read More