A big tent

India, Jan. 24 -- The Toyota MPV in all its forms - Qualis, Innova and Crysta - has been an unqualified success story in India. There are enough people out there that are on their second, third and fo... Read More

A never-ending crisis

India, Jan. 23 -- Boeing's internal documents, which revealed that executives mocked aviation regulators and airlines across the world, including India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), ... Read More

The land of tech

India, Jan. 17 -- Many years ago, when I used to write extensively on mobile phones, I used to interact a lot with some European phone-makers, particularly the market leader from Finland. They used to... Read More

Decade of the SUV

India, Jan. 13 -- Recently, a fellow motoring journalist took to the social media and asked me and his peers about our thoughts on the Indian "car of the decade." Making choices on the "Indian car of ... Read More

How did CES end up being a car show?

India, Jan. 10 -- This past week I spent a painfully short amount of time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held every January in America's 'Sin City' or Las Vegas. And if you get excited by tech... Read More

The empire strikes back

India, Jan. 3 -- The first two decades of the 21st century have been kind to Dubai. From a relatively sleepy little town, it is now the symbol of the modern metropolis, and let alone its airport, whic... Read More

Worthy winner

India, Dec. 27 -- At the end of it, Hyundai Venue won the ICOTY 2020 award by nine points, with scores of the 18 judges collated by Grant-Thornton. This was one of the closest results and thanks to th... Read More

A broken justice system

India, Dec. 16 -- No matter what problems one may have with fairness of social media platforms like Twitter, posts here do make up for an interesting read and allow one to gauge the mood, if not of th... Read More

Who will win the ICOTY 2020?

India, Dec. 13 -- On December 2, 16 of India's top automotive journalists gathered at the Budhh International Circuit to drive some cars. But this was not your average track day where folks were rocke... Read More

The ABC of reviewing cars

India, Dec. 6 -- People often tell me that I have a cushy job of 'reviewing cars' and undoubtedly, it would be wrong if I deny that it is a terribly difficult one. Having said that, changing cars and ... Read More