Drought in Indian states

Jammu, June 10 -- The NDA-government appears to have woken up from its deep slumber on the serious issue of acute drought in several states of the country that has resulted in large scale death of cat... Read More

NDA govt. sticks to policy of not converting government-bungalows into memorials

Jammu, June 10 -- Dear Editor, It refers to new Union Home Minister reportedly moving to government-bungalow at 6A (formerly 8) Krishna Menon Marg (New Delhi) which was earlier residence for Atal Bih... Read More

Nipah outbreak in Kerala

Jammu, June 8 -- The central government and its agencies do not appear to have learnt any lessons from the past experiences when virus outbreak in an epidemic forms was detected in different parts of ... Read More

Power shortage in J&K

Jammu, June 6 -- Last month when Jammu and Kashmir Governor reviewed the power situation of Jammu region, the power development department (PDD) assured that 24x7 power will be supplied to Jammu city,... Read More

Nehru-policy responsible for Kashmir problem

Jammu, June 6 -- Dear Editor, It refers to welcome news-reports about possible delimitation of constituencies to be done before next elections to state-assembly which will be based on realistic aspec... Read More

Post-card politics will prove costly to exchequer

Jammu, June 5 -- Dear Editor, Post-card politics has begun between BJP and TMC where BJP will be sending 10 lakh post-cards to West Bengal Chief Minister with message Jai Shriram because of Mamta Ban... Read More

Pragya Thakur and others not to take salary as MP

Jammu, June 5 -- Dear Editor, In an era when Lok Sabha members quickly pass bill to increase their salaries often in late hours of evening or night that too without any discussion, it was welcome to ... Read More

Save Water: Many people in the world don't have access to fresh water

Jammu, June 4 -- Dear Editor, Water scarcity is a big problem in many places, especially when it comes to fresh, clean drinking water. There are very serious effects of drinking contaminated water an... Read More

Modi's new ministers

Jammu, June 3 -- With a massive mandate for the first time in the history of Indian democracy for the right wing group, prime minister Narendra Modi constituted a 58-members Council of Ministers, with... Read More

Increase in scholarship-amount of children of martyrs welcomeIncrease in scholarship-amount of children of martyrs welcome

Jammu, June 3 -- Dear Editor, It is welcome that new Union Cabinet in its very first meeting paid practical tribute to those brave persons having martyred their lives fighting against terrorism and N... Read More