Himachal's Arki: Where History Meets Nature's Beauty

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Soulful Sojourns: The Serenity of Darma Valley

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Bouncing Back: The EDM Industry's Tryst with the Pandemic

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"Destination Weddings will be Back in Full Swing Soon"

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"I think India knows How to Welcome Black People"

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Have you visited Baba ka Dhaba yet?

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A Cave Art Trail Around India

Delhi, Oct. 7 -- Lion Air flight JT610 was travelling from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang on the island of Bangka when tragedy occured.The passenger plane carrying 189 people crashed into the sea off Jakar... Read More

Birding Delights: Pong Dam Wetlands

Delhi, Oct. 6 -- Straddling the pristine Beas River in the Shivalik foothills in Kangra, Pong Dam Wetlands serve as an ideal getaway in the midst of nature for jaded city dwellers. Flanked by golden f... Read More

Uttarakhand Tourism Rolls out Special Workcation Packages

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On the Road Less Travelled: Things to Do in Kalsi Village

Delhi, Oct. 1 -- Located at the confluence of the Tons and Yamuna rivers, Kalsi is a lesser-known village near Paonta Sahib. The young and energetic Yamuna bursts out of the hills in the Jaunsar-Bawar... Read More