Will November Elections be the "D-Day?"

Colombo, Aug. 30 -- The people of the world know about the D-Day, the 6th of June 1944, which eventually ended the World War II, so also will this Nov. Elections be the D-Day to see the light, at the ... Read More

America through the Burmese Eyes

Colombo, Aug. 6 -- As a boy, I participated in the 50 meters race, whose 400 meters track was lined by the Japanese helmets, in the 1947 First Independence Day of the Union of Burma, at Loikaw, Karenn... Read More

Tatmadaw, Your New Daddy is Not So Good

Colombo, Aug. 3 -- After more than three decades, to (1988 to 2020) Tatmadaw (Imperial Burmese army) has finally discovered that his stepfather Zhonghu is not satisfied with his mother only, but rapin... Read More