Virus testing halted in Surkhet after machine stops working

Surkhet, July 1 -- The lone real-time polymerase chain reaction machine at Coronavirus Test Laboratory at Karnali Provincial Hospital, Surkhet, has been out of order for the past five days with around... Read More

Karnali provincial hospital doctors protest demanding encouragement allowance

Surkhet, June 26 -- Junior doctors working at the Surkhet-based Karnali Provincial Hospital have stopped reporting on duty, except during emergencies after the government denied them their encourageme... Read More

Covid-19 reaches community transmission stage in Karnali Province, provincial ministry says

Surkhet, June 22 -- Three people who had visited the emergency unit of the Surkhet-based Karnali Provincial Hospital a week ago have tested positive for Covid-19. They are neither returnees from India... Read More

Nursing mother in quarantine doesn't get enough to eat as shopkeepers reject cash

Dailekh, June 9 -- A couple who returned home from India and gave birth to a child in quarantine in Dungeshwor Rural Municpality find themselves in an odd situation. Although they have cash, which th... Read More

Surkhet business community announces to open shops and businesses from today

Surkhet, June 3 -- The business community in Surkhet has announced to open shops and businesses from Wednesday against the government's lockdown orders. On the 71st day of the nationwide lockdown on ... Read More

As Covid-19 cases spike in Karnali, provincial government grapples with resource management

Nepal, June 2 -- Of the 89 people diagnosed with Covid-19 in Dailekh, the highest in Karnali Province, only 34 are placed at isolation wards as on Monday. The district has a capacity of only 40 isolat... Read More

Thousands of returnees from India run out of food and water

Nepal, May 28 -- Birendra Rokaya arrived in Surkhet on Tuesday afternoon, three days after leaving Gujarat in India. Rokaya, 22, had gone to India for work with his uncle Hari Khatri in February. With... Read More

Karnali province far from prepared to combat possible spread of Covid-19

Surkhet/dailekh, May 19 -- On Monday, Karnali province reported its first case of Covid-19. A 35-year-old man, who returned to his home in Aathbis Municipality Ward No. 1, Dailekh, from Mahendranagar ... Read More

Karnali launches campaign for mass coronavirus testing

Surkhet, May 11 -- Karnali Province has launched a medical campaign called 'medical march' with an objective to conduct tests on around 10,000 suspects of coronavirus infection. The medical drive form... Read More

Karnali Province completely sealed off for a week

Surkhet, May 4 -- The Karnali provincial government has decided to completely seal off the province for seven days starting Monday as its neighbouring provinces reported a rise in cases of Covid-19. ... Read More