Razers Qualcomm-powered handheld console has been leaked

India, Dec. 1 -- Great news for all you gamers, it seems that Qualcomm is collaborating with Razer to offer a new gaming handheld developer kit. This kit will be built around its upcoming Snapdragon G... Read More

Xiaomi 12, RealMe GT 2 Pro and Moto Edge X30 will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

India, Dec. 1 -- Tech enthusiasts have been waiting with bated breath to hear about Qualcomm's newly launched Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC. Now, it's confirmed that the Xiaomi 12, RealMe GT 2 Pro and Moto E... Read More

A huge asteroid is moving toward Earths orbital path

India, Nov. 29 -- NASA is known for tracking dangerous space objects to ascertain whether any are heading towards Earth, and whether they have the potential to cause major damage. The agency recently ... Read More

Indian Parliament summons Facebook India officials to discuss citizens rights and Womens safety

India, Nov. 29 -- Last year, former Facebook data scientist, Sophie Zhang, published a memo detailing the way Facebook is used to influence global politics. She spoke about sophisticated systems in pl... Read More

Metaverse News: Virtual real estate is as valuable as physical real estate

INDIA, Nov. 24 -- Now that we're getting closer to a reality where virtual lives can be as rich as 'real' ones, virtual real estate is, for lack of a better term, poppin' off the charts. Recently, a p... Read More

The rumour mill is churning out these OnePlus 10 Pro specifications

India, Nov. 24 -- With a few OnePlus 10 Pro renders having leaked online, there are now rumours about the specifications all over the internet. Most believe that the new smartphone will bring improvem... Read More

Twitter is officially experimenting with shopping features in its livestreams

India, Nov. 23 -- Twitter stepped into the world of ecommerce earlier this year, and is strengthening the vertical by experimenting with shopping features during live streams. This new feature will le... Read More

Microsoft Edge users can now use Plug-In free Skype

India, Nov. 23 -- Microsoft has launched a preview of plug-in free Skype calls for Microsoft Edge users. What this means is that users will not have to download Skype or any associated plug-ins in ord... Read More

Android users may see enhanced iMessage reactions with this new Google update

INDIA, Nov. 22 -- iPhone users have their own messaging interface known as iMessages. Users can interact with each other via the same, as well as send messages to friends on Android. However, since An... Read More

10 basic crypto terms that all investors should know

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