SRC marks more allowances for scrapping

Nairobi, Sept. 18 -- The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has identified more allowances for removal in its push to harmonise public sector pay. The secondary scraps, which mark the third p... Read More

MPs block Senate from scrutinising national debt

Nairobi, Sept. 15 -- Members of Parliament have turned down attempts by the Senate to scrutinise the country's national debt through amendments to the Public Finance Management (National Assembly) (Am... Read More

Savers place 74pc of capital in money market funds

Nairobi, Sept. 15 -- Investors have placed 74.7 percent of their funds in money market funds which has emerged as the most popular ahead of others like equity funds that invest in listed stocks. The ... Read More

New payslip pain for workers as Treasury plans tax relief axe

Nairobi, Sept. 14 -- Salaried employees' payslips are set to shrink further, if a proposal by the Treasury to eliminate reliefs on pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) taxes is adopted. The Treasury in its newly p... Read More

New VAT plan to hit parents in top end schools

Nairobi, Sept. 14 -- The government has set its sights on schools' extra-curricular activities in a new plan to introduce VAT on education services. The move is expected to hit parents in elite and t... Read More

Unit trusts invest bulk of funds in bank deposits

Nairobi, Sept. 14 -- Collective investment schemes have the bulk of their assets invested in fixed deposit accounts, which are usually offered by commercial banks. New data from the Capital Markets A... Read More

Advisers to earn Sh27m fees in Fahari buyout deal

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- Transaction advisers are expected to pocket an estimated Sh26.8 million from their services in ICEA Lion Asset Management Limited's buyout of minority investors in property fund I... Read More

Hustler loan defaults take the shine off affordable credit initiatives

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- Loan defaults under the State-backed financial inclusion fund, popularly known as the Hustler Fund, have threatened to derail the government's commitment to cheap credit. The Ken... Read More

Shilling drum-up flops as local unit extends decline

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- The shilling has extended its losses against the US dollar to surpass its overall drop last year despite the revamp of the interbank forex market in March. President William Ruto... Read More

President Ruto pushes for Hustler-friendly Treasury bills, bonds trading

Nairobi, Sept. 12 -- President William Ruto has directed the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to lower the entry-level in Treasury bills and bonds trading to accommodate a wider pool of retail investors. ... Read More