People will not accept a Presidential system

India, Aug. 2 -- Our democracy has flaws. But which democracy is flawless? What is happening in the United States today? Some days back a prominent Congress MP of the Lok Sabha, in a newspaper artic... Read More

How Rajasthan was stopped from burning

India, July 25 -- Man Singh's death caused an explosion of unprecedented rage among the Jats. On 20 February 1985, Raja Man Singh, a seven-time Rajasthan MLA and younger brother of the former Mahara... Read More

A letter from Krishna Masi

India, July 18 -- The letter highlights the affectionate and enduring relations between her and the author. Jawaharlal Nehru had two sisters. Vijailakshmi Pandit (1900-1990) and Krishna Hutheesing (... Read More

Racism gets a new life in Trump's America

India, July 11 -- I am not sure if President Donald Trump has a black friend. 41 Harefields, Oxford, OX2 8NS My dear Natwar Singh, When your instructions about sending you the proofs of my book o... Read More

PM Imran will be history's minor footnote

India, June 27 -- His two-year tenure as Prime Minster has been, to put it mildly, dismal. Imran Khan was undoubtedly one of the greatest cricketers of all time. As Prime Minister of Pakistan he is ... Read More

Never underestimate the Chinese

India, June 20 -- I have met dozens of great and famous men, but very few were as impressive and refined as Chou. I arrived in Peking (not yet Beijing) in early July 1956 to take up my post as third... Read More

Three letters

India, June 13 -- 'I used to be a hopeless letter writer before, but now I promise improvement', wrote R.K. Narayan. In the mid-1930 of the last century, three young Indian writers appeared on the E... Read More

A letter from E.M. Forster

India, June 6 -- I met him at Cambridge in 1952. His impact on me was among the great blessings of my life. History is being made in the United States of America following the gruesome murder of a b... Read More

Migrant crisis mishandled

India, May 30 -- Which agency will monitor implementation of Supreme Court order on migrants? Nothing exposes the mishandling of the migrant crisis than the two paragraphs that made it to the front ... Read More

India-Nepal dispute must be resolved soon

India, May 23 -- Without Beijing's encouragement, PM Oli would not think of antagonising India. The top priority on the international agenda at the moment must be to combat the coronavirus and find a... Read More